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About this blog

Update notes for the Age of Rebirth modpack.

Entries in this blog




+ Added mod: OpenFM
* Ink sac can now be crafted from Midnight Black dye, as squid spawning is bugged and is extremely rare
- Removed Killerteddy




- Disabled mod: SoundFilters (as it was deemed to cause too much reverb in too many scenarios, can still be enabled by removing the .disabled extension from the mod file)
- Removed Killerteddy




+ Added mod: GalacticraftCore
+ Added mod: GalacticraftPlanets
+ Added mod: MicdoodleCore
+ Added mod: ExtraPlanets
+ Added mod: Disenchanter
+ Added mod: Iron Furnaces
+ Added mod: Ender IO
+ Added mod: Sound Filters
+ Added mod: Cosmetic Armor Reworked
+ Added mod: Nether Portal Fix
* NEI will now be set to Recipe Mode by default
* Changed IC2 Nuke explosion power from 60 to 0 (Server only)
* Changed IC2 Nuclear Reactor explosion power from 45 (Server only)
* Disabled IC2 Nuke in IC2 config to 0 (Server only)
* Fixed an issue where returning from a Nether portal would sometimes result in being sent to a different location than where the player entered
- Removed Killerteddy




+ Added mod: Gravity Gun
+ Added mod: PneumaticCraft
+ Added recipe for Cloaker Goggles
* Updated OptiFine from HD_U_C1 to HD_U_E7
* Server: Unbanned chunk loaders
- Removed Killerteddy




+ Added mod: Item Physic Lite
+ Added mod: Pam's Harvestcraft
+ Added mod: Doors
* Rebound MO Android Ability Switch key to fix Tab menu not working
* Fixed an issue where players would be disconnected upon joining the server for the first time
* Changed default first person body mode to '011' (uses FP body but normal 2D arms by default), all other modes can still be cycled through using F1
* Updated logo design in splash screen
- Removed mod: Neat (was causing issues with Weather2 clouds)
- Disabled Blood Moon
- Removed Killerteddy



+ Added Immersion
+ Added mod: Real First Person 2 (can toggle/switch modes with F1)
+ Added new main menu background images
* Updated ArchitectureCraft from 1.3.1 to 1.7.2
* Recompiled LaserMod to fix console spam when using redirection blocks
* Disabled Decocraft block outline when targeting (PTRModelLib)
- Removed Killerteddy


Beta 1.0.8

+ Added mod: CUStuff
+ Added custom recipes for colored OpenBlocks elevators
+ Added custom recipes for colored OpenBlocks rotating elevators
* Adjust logo and color on splash screen
* Fix custom font not being enabled by default
* Update OpenBlocks from 1.5 to 1.6
* Update OpenModsLib from 0.9 to 0.10.1
* Downgrade Forge from 1614 to 1558
* Downgrade Forestry from to
* Downgrade DynamicSurroundings from to
* Fixed an issue where Nether portals would always send you to the spawn area of either world
- Removed mod: ShetiPhianCore
- Removed mod: Platforms
- Removed Flan content pack: Global Firestorm v3.2 to fix Vehicle Crafting Table crash

- Removed Killerteddy


Beta 1.0.7


+ Re-added custom crafting recipe script in MineTweaker
* Fixed an issue where flans mod wouldn't find content packs due to case-sensetive
folder/filenames on unix/linux (literally just renaming "flan" to "Flan")
* Disabled the Watch of Flowing Time to avoid lag issues (keeps it enabled for use in
* Muted the gnatt/fly sound effect in Dynamic Surroundings
* Fixed HardcoreDarkness being enabled in Nether
- Removed mod: Inventory Tweaks
- Removed Killerteddy


Beta 1.0.6

+ Added mod: It's The Little Things (ITLT)

+ Added mod: Ding

+ Added mod: Fancy Block Particles

+ Added mod: Iron Backpacks

+ Added mod: Neat

+ Added mod: Better Questing

+ Added mod: Better Questing: Standard Expansion

+ Added mod: Mo' Bends

+ Added mod: Better Questing Questbook

+ Added mod: Advanced Chimneys

+ Added mod: Food Expansion

+ Added mod: Modular Powersuits

+ Added mod: Forge Endertech

+ Added mod: Numina

* Switch back to 1.7.10 due to better performance and less major bugs (not really a switch back but we're maintaining both 1.12 and 1.7 until we settle on a specific version)

* Fixed an issue where skins will often render incorrectly after moving through a portal or otherwise going to a different world

* Fixed an issue where Decocraft props and other objects weren't displaying with the proper lighting if a Waystone was in the player's line of sight (unfortunately this meant disabling the text glow effect on Waystones which makes them look really sad but what choice do we have)

* Hopefully disable the gnat sound effect in certain biomes (part of Dynamic Surroundings)

- Disabled Et Futurum Jacket Layer/Skin Overlay feature (was required to fix skin portal bug)

- Removed Killerteddy


Beta 1.0.5

+ Added most mods from 1.7.10 except for the ones listed as removed

* Server now uses Sponge

- Removed mod (no update available): Ancient Trees
- Removed mod (no update available): Artifice
- Removed mod (no update available): CustomMusicDiscs
- Removed mod (not required as Forge has this by default): InGameModConfigs
- Removed mod (no update available): MagTools
- Removed mod (no update available): RopePlus

- Removed Killerteddy


Beta 1.0.4

* Changed Forge to version 1.12.2 for early testing

* No mods are present on this release, it exists as a way to get Technic in a mod-ready environment easily

- Removed Killerteddy


Beta 1.0.2

* Chisel concrete no longer acts as a speed boost

* Tweaked Weather2 storm data sent per player

- Disabled tornadoes from picking up blocks

- Removed mod: Better Placement

- Removed Killerteddy


Beta 1.0.1

- Remove mod: Opis

- Remove mod: MobiusCore


Opis (and it's library dependency) are intended for performance profiling. They are not required in the official releases of the modpack (plus Opis includes a mod that acts as its own minimap, which is redundant because JourneyMap).


Beta 1.0.0

+ Added mod: BetterPlacement
+ Added mod: Catwalks
+ Added mod: Compact Machines
+ Added mod: Custom Music Discs
+ Added mod: Doomlike Dungeons
+ Added mod: Dynamic Surroundings
+ Added mod: Flans Mod
+ Added mod: Halocraft
+ Added mod: ReAuth
+ Added mod: Recurrent Complex
+ Added mod: RFTools

+ Added mod: SmothFont
+ Added mod to server: Rope Plus

+ Added new main menu music

+ Added a customized UI to the modpack

+ Added resource pack: Default UI (for those who really hate the new UI - can't see why you would but hey the option is there)

* Changed forge version to 1614 (latest Forge version for 1.7.10)

* Redesigned main menu

* Fixed main menu not displaying properly on 1080p screens

* Server/modpack is now based on the latest version of Brink of Chaos (added mods are based on the mod set in Brink of Chaos 1.8.7a)

* Modpack is now handled through Solder

- Removed mod: Aether
- Removed mod: Big Reactors
- Removed mod: Botania
- Removed mod: Compact Solars
- Removed mod: Cosmetic Armor
- Removed mod: DoggyStyle
- Removed mod: MoCreatures
- Removed mod: Elemental Creepers
- Removed mod: Iron Backpacks
- Removed mod: Just a Few Fish
- Removed mod: Little Blocks
- Removed mod: Lots of Food
- Removed mod: Realistic Terrain Generation
- Removed mod: SGCraft
- Removed mod: Storage Drawers
- Removed mod: Thaumcraft
- Removed mod: Twilight Forest


Alpha 1.2.0

* Update MalisisCore to 6.4.1
* Downgrade to Forge 2768 (current recommended build, required for sponge)
- Remove ToughAsNails
- Remove FTBGuides
- Removed FTBLib


Alpha 1.1.0

+ Add CoroUtil
+ Add RadixCore
+ Add OpenModsLib
+ Add ProjectRed-Base
+ Add CTM
+ Add MovingWorld
+ Add RedstoneFlux
+ Add Mantle
+ Add ColoredLights
+ Add Albedo
+ Add MovingLightSource
+ Add Waystones
+ Add Dynamic Surroundings
+ Add Stellar API
+ Add Stellar Sky
+ Add Realistic Item Drops
+ Add Serene Seasons
+ Add Tough as Nails
+ Add Galacticraft-Planets
+ Add MicDoodleCore
+ Add GalacticraftCore
+ Add Millenaire
+ Add NotEnoughRoofs
+ Add FTBLib
+ Add FTBGuides
+ Add Signpost
+ Add Magical Crops