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  3. What is your Minecraft Username?: LinkRaves What can you do to help our community?: Be a nice person as a whole How did you find out about Chaotic United?: From a friend Were you a member of the old Chaotic United, Nuclear District, or other branch/affiliated community?: N/A If you selected 'Other' to the above question, what community were you a part of?:
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  5. * Fixed an issue where the Minecraft downloads category (and subcategories) could not be viewed by guests - Removed Killerteddy
  6. Version 1.0.0


    This is the Valheim world for Chaotic United's Valheim server, prior to the Ashlands update. This world is intended for the most recent Mistlands version and has not been loaded in Ashlands - though should load just fine in Ashlands and newer versions. The world has not been altered in any way from its final iteration as seen on the server. World Seed: qAwEVsCXYZ You cannot take this map, or any structures within it, and run it in your own server or someone else's. This is only for those who wants to continue their projects on it instead of having to start over in single player mode. Breaking this rule will result in your download privileges being permanently suspended and could result in your account being banned.
  7. I'll address the island wipe first - that's something we should be able to get restored from a backup (though depending on when the most recent snapshot is, there might still be some unavoidable loss of progression, but the vast majority should be fine). As for the actual bug - that's due to a fundamental issue with the plugin we use, it's not designed for anything below Y0 and so that kind of stuff just won't be cleared. It's theoretically fixable, but it'd require that we modify the plugin ourselves. It likely won't be addressed anytime soon as it's just not a high priority for us right now compared to other stuff we're working on - but we'll make sure your island gets restored.
  8. 3 years, 8 months.

    Hope everything is still going well!


    -- 66boik99

    1. haloman30


      hey bro long time no see - yeah we still out here

      forums are pretty quiet these days - best place to keep in touch nowadays is on discord if you have that already

  9. bro revived an 8 year old topic holy shit
  10. Just wanted to show off my 2016 Camaro 2SS. It's a beast! The design is killer, with its sleek lines and aggressive stance. Under the hood, the 6.2-liter V8 engine packs a punch - 455 horsepower and 455 lb-ft of torque. Inside, the 2SS trim spoils you with leather, cooling/heated seats, and a sweet audio system. My favorite part? The driving modes - Tour, Sport, and Track - make every drive a blast. Absolutely love this car!
  11. Adventure is out there!!

  12. What is your Minecraft Username?: pombolk What can you do to help our community?: nothing:( How did you find out about Chaotic United?: by searching on Yandex Were you a member of the old Chaotic United, Nuclear District, or other branch/affiliated community?: N/A If you selected 'Other' to the above question, what community were you a part of?:
  13. Hey, everyone - there was something that happened recently that I'd like to address. Recently, there was a bit of debate in regards to a particular detail of one of our spawns - if you were in voice at the time, you likely know what I'm talking about (and if you weren't - don't ask for details). I was requested, very politely, to remove this detail - as it was inconsequential to the build (it was more of an easter egg than anything), and held some personal significance to this person. For most of you, the right thing to do will seem obvious - remove the detail. With this particular situation, though, I had a great deal of difficulty making this decision - not because I didn't understand the issue, but because this came at odds with something I feel very strongly about - archival and preservation. In the end, the detail in question was removed - but some folks were (and likely still are) concerned that this was a decision with any difficulty in the first place. After all - the right thing to do should've been obvious, right? Yes. It was - and I will not, and do not disagree with this. However - I do want to explain the perspective I had at the time, to hopefully shed some light on my own personal thought process. I don't ask that you agree, or even entirely understand - but I think it's important for me to get it out there before continuing. The last thing I want to do is come off as rude or uncaring - I care deeply about doing the right thing. I want to do right by the community, and those who are part of it. However, at the same time, I believe strongly in preserving and ensuring that nothing is lost - both the good and the bad. And I can recognize that for many of you, this likely seems ridiculous - and while I'll argue and defend my position on archival in general, I concede that - in this type of situation - I was in the wrong. This detail should have been removed - and it ultimately was. However, this shouldn't have been difficult - the fear and concern that was felt by this person, believing that my desire to preserve would overrule a largely simple request - there's no reason for that, and no doubt that it's something that I can't undo. Even for those not directly involved, but present to witness it unfold - it's likely that I came off as disrespectful and uncaring. And for that, I do want to apologize - both to the person who requested this removal in the first place, and to those who had to be there and witness this when it happened. Going forward, if we run into a similar situation as before, I'll do my best to handle it better next time. That being said - I also know that I'm always going to have difficulty doing so - and as such, I can't promise that I'll be able to make that decision any quicker or easier. As such - I've been working with our build team to create a standardized set of guidelines - both to address these types of situations, as well as some of the other disagreements and misunderstandings we've had over time. It outlines general expectations for both current and future builders - with the goal of ensuring that what I expect, and my desire for archival isn't new information. It also makes sure that the types of things that are likely to end up being requested to be removed someday in the future are simply not included in the first place - in order to best ensure these issues simply can't happen again. These guidelines will be presented to all future builders, before they join our build team - to make sure there's no surprises going in. If someone simply isn't comfortable with some of the things we do - they should know that before spending their time applying, rather than going through the entire process and being caught off guard. Or, worse yet, creating builds and not learning of some of our unusual practices until after the fact. This is especially crucial with world downloads, which are still relatively uncommon across Minecraft servers. If someone built a spawn with the understanding that it'd never leave CU, and then found out later that their build was uploaded and anyone can copy and mess with it - that's not fair to them, and so that's something they should be fully aware of going in, along with all of the other peculiars. I understand that to some, this might still seem insufficient - after all, if I understand what's right, then why can't I just handle that when/if it comes up? Why prohibit these types of things, rather than just being willing to remove them if the time comes? My reasoning boils down to the fact that, while I recognize what's right and wrong in this type of situation, it doesn't make it any easier to actually do that right thing. Not that I won't do so - but even so, deliberately letting something go does give me real pain. I can't explain why or how, and I can't realistically change this fact - and so, for me, I find that the best thing to do is to simply ensure that such a situation never has an opportunity to present itself again - and to make sure that anyone coming onto the build team is well aware of what to expect going in. Should such a situation arise, I do still intend to honor those types of requests (within reason - I'm not gonna remove a significant portion of a build) - but I still believe that it's better to avoid having to make that decision in the first place. It was never my intention to come off as some heartless or inconsiderate ass - as stated before, it's simply a battle between two things I feel very strongly about. And, in situations like these, I need to try and get better and handling them. Archival is, and will always be deeply important to me - but I recognize that, once in a blue moon, there are situations where it can be justified to leave things behind - and that's something I'll need to learn to accept. It won't happen soon - and in the meantime, I believe the best thing to do is to do what I can to ensure that this type of thing just doesn't come up in the first place. I hope that you can understand my perspective, and at least somewhat see where I was coming from. And once more, to those affected - I give you my sincerest apologies for this. I may not be able to promise that I won't be difficult, but I can promise to try and do better.
  14. For members of our build team, we have a number of guidelines and expectations - both in terms of server builds, and in terms of general staff duties. Some of these will differ from typical staff duties and expectations - as such, any current or future members of the build team are expected to adhere and follow these guidelines and expectations. Failure to do so may result in removal from the build team. If you're looking to join our build team, be sure to read over these guidelines before applying. If you cannot agree to the expectations and guidelines outlined below, then you will not be able to join the team. Server Build Ownership Any build created for the server should be considered to be belonging to Chaotic United - this goes for finished spawns and lobbies, minigame maps, and even incomplete works created in our "builder" world (the internal world used to contain work-in-progress server builds). By building within this builder world, you understand that these builds may be used, with or without your permission, for official server use, with or without credit (though we almost always will give credit where appropriate - see the Build Credits section for details). These builds may also be retained indefinitely by the server, and may not be deleted at any point in the future - regardless of whether or not you are a part of our build team. In other words, the things you build for the server are just that - they belong to the server. If you build something cool, and we want to make use of it officially, you can't come in later on and demand that we don't. And the reverse is true - if you build something for the server, and it ends up going unused (or were to be removed in the future), you don't get to demand us to put it into use. Similarly, the server ownership and administration reserves the right to modify your builds, with or without your permission, as seen fit based on server needs or desires. As with earlier points, we also reserve the right to not modify a build, even if you desire that it be changed or altered, if we do not see it fit to do so. Whenever possible, however, we will typically work with you when it comes to making any modifications required - and if you see it fit to make changes to a build, we are happy to accept your feedback and consider it, even if you are no longer part of the build team. However, by being part of our build team, you understand that any decisions made are ultimately up to Chaotic United leadership - you don't get to be the one to make the final call on these types of changes. Archival and Preservation At Chaotic United, we believe strongly in archival and preservation - and that the more things that we can preserve, the better. As such, builds within the builder world should never, at any point, be removed or deleted. This does not apply to short-term working copies of builds - however, for anything that has been around for any meaningful amount of time, it should not be deleted or altered at that point. If changes need to be made to an older build, care should be taken to copy the original build, and then that copy should be modified instead. Additionally, once any build is put into use (ie, a spawn is introduced formally, or a minigame map is added to the selection), it generally will not be modified at that point. In extremely rare and severe cases, minor alterations may be made - but in general, once something is in, it's in. As such, we ask that you ensure a build is finished and finalized before it is put into use. Additionally, any signs with any personal messages are not allowed in most cases. If you are uncertain about a particular sign, you should ask an administrator for guidance. World Downloads Like many other Minecraft servers, we periodically reset some of our server worlds - such as Survival and Vanilla. Unlike other servers, however, we take steps to ensure those earlier worlds aren't lost - and are instead presved forever. This comes in the form of public world downloads. These download archives contain the entirety of past worlds - including all dimensions, player inventories and builds, and by extension - the world's spawn build. Since this is (in our opinion, unfortunately) a rare practice, we want to be clear that any build - such as a spawn, generated structure, or any other official build that is used within one of these worlds will included in these downloads. Additionally, once a world is put up for download, it will not be modified any further beyond that point. As such - when building spawns or other builds that will go into these worlds, be sure that anything anything you include is something you're comfortable with being shared and preserved indefinitely. Build Credits Build crediting is a particularly sensitive topic - and one that we have had to work to find a proper balance that works well for our build team, without compromising the server's appearance to the general public. Small easter egg-esque crediting, such as a player head, can be included - as long as the head is either well-integrated into the build or out of normal player sight. In essence, they should be treated as easter eggs - rare, hidden little secrets. More overt and direct crediting can be achieved via the Credits area of /warp help - which will always contain the credits for any builds that are prominent or newly introduced at the time. Additionally, credits can be added to /warp credits - which acts as a more permanent home for build credits. If your build gets added here, it'll remain there permanently - even if it isn't shown in future iterations of /warp help. 3rd-Party Builds (Build Tutorials) In general, reliance on external sources for builds - such as build tutorials or designs - is discouraged. If, for any reason, you must utilize a build tutorial or similar for an official build, this usage must be approved by an administrator. Additionally, care should be taken to ensure that the build in question is allowed to be used on a multiplayer server in the first place. If the source of the 3rd-party build requires that credit be given, this information should also be communicated to an administrator, to ensure this information is properly accounted for in /warp credits. 3rd-party credit signs may be included in a build, if the signs can be integrated in a matter that naturally fits in with the build. This will require administrative approval - so if you have an idea on a means to integrate this, be sure to get approval first. If a 3rd-party build is used and this information is not disclosed to an administrator, and we encounter a situation where that original author requests that the build be removed, you will be removed from the build team immediately, and you will not be eligible to join the build team again in the future. Activity Unlike the rest of our staff team, activity is generally not considered significantly important for members of our build team. We only ask that you contribute when you are able and needed to do so. If you are repeatedly asked to work on a server build and are continuously unable to do so, you may potentially be subject to removal from the build team. We won't remove you from the team without any sort of notice, though - we'll try and work with you as best as we can. Note that this does not apply in situations where the builder also holds a separate staff position on the team (such as Moderator, Developer, or Manager) - in these cases, the standard expectations for activity are to be followed instead. Questions? If you have any questions regarding this policy, don't hesitate to ask an administrator! We want these guidelines to be as clear as possible, in order to avoid any miscommunication or misunderstandings - we all work more effectively when we're all on the same page. As such, if you have any questions or concerns about this policy, be sure to reach out and let us know!
  15. * Updated CUPackage to 1.3.4 * The Anvil in the Utilites section of Survival spawn will no longer break when used * Fixed an issue where Hopper Minecarts could not pull items from chests in SkyBlock * Fixed several Moderator permission issues - Removed Killerteddy
  16. + Added Open Iron Trapdoors to UtilityBlocks menu * Updated CUCraftingPlus to 1.3.20 * Placing custom blocks will now properly play the placement animation while placing * Tokens can now be earned via playtime (1 token per hour, with a daily limit of 5) * Fixed an issue where the Comparator technical utility blocks would place as repeaters instead of comparators - Removed Killerteddy
  17. Hey, everyone! We've got an exciting announcement to share - as of now, we are finally re-introducing the Chaotic United Wiki! The Wiki has been an idea we've had going all the way back to 2014, and have re-introduced a few times over the years. As of now, though - it's been built directly into the website, and unlike previous iterations, it's actually got some useful information on it! As of now, you'll primarily find information about our custom Survival content - past, present, and planned for the future. Down the line, we intend to document the various communities associated with CU - such as Nuclear District, Hurricane Craft, United AlyCraft, and even some more obscure ones that were all but forgotten. We also plan to add pages detailing some of the notable users and staff members that CU has had over the years, as well as details on most of our custom plugins. For now, though - that's all we've got. Just keeping it short and sweet today. To check out the wiki, head to!
  18. + Launched the Chaotic United Wiki - Removed Killerteddy
  19. This update includes changes from earlier on in the week. * Updated BoatRace to 1.1.4 * Updated GibCraft to 1.1.1 * Updated CUCraftingPlus to 1.3.19 * Fixed an issue with BoatRace and GibCraft where clicking the join signs would show a sign edit prompt * Fixed an issue where Durite Elytra would not be properly repaired when enchanted with Mending - Removed Killerteddy
  20. The items move to the point where it reaches a chest, then it seems to break and refuses to continue.
  21. + Added /localwarps command - Can be used to show warps local to the current server + Added an additional checkpoint to Hardcore Temple to aid in navigation * Updated CUBungee to 1.6.4 * Player first join date/time is now displayed in /gseen * Marked several legacy warps as unlisted: benefactor2, chocolaterain, NDsurvival, penisbay - Removed Killerteddy
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