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Our Survival gamemode has been a major focus for most of Chaotic United's lifespan. Today, it continues to expand into better and more rich custom content - while still being able to be enjoyed vanilla, if you like. Additionally, our ranking system comes out in full force - with each rank gaining access to increasingly powerful perks.

Play with: /warp survival

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Custom Content

One of our new core focuses of Survival is the addition of custom content. New blocks, new items, new tools - all without any client mods required.

Boss Fights

Hiding deep within a distant fortress is the one known as Killerteddy1 - the infamous past owner of Chaotic United. His strength grows with each day - are you strong and brave enough to face him?


Wish you could be in the top 1%? See how high you can climb the economic ladder through a variety of means - defeating mobs, mining ores, and selling XP are some of the ways you can earn.

Player Shops

Come across more valuables than you know what to do with? Sell them! You can build large physical shops in the world, or you can also auction items using /market!

Grief Protection

Don't want your hard work being destroyed? Claim it! Chests, furnaces, signs, and most containers are protected automatically using LWC. To keep builds safe, grab a Wooden Shovel and follow the instructions that are shown!

Powerful Ranks

Ranks earned or purchased via donations are at their best in Survival. Featuring all the classic Chaotic United perks dating back to 2011, features such as item spawning, invincibility, enchanting, disguises, and even WorldEdit can all be unlocked. Though of course - we take great care to ensure that the experience is still fun without them, too.