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Got a knack for building? Build anything you can imagine in our Creative mode - offering multiple 200x200* plots for you to build on, the possibilities are limitless.

Play with: /warp creative


Huge Plots

Our plots are huge, featuring a whopping 200x200 plot size - more specifically, 199x199 to give you a single-block plot center. And the best part? You can claim up to 5 of them.

Plot Merging

What's that? The huge plot size isn't enough for you massive project? Not a problem - if you claim a series of adjacent plots, you can ask a staff member to merge them together - where they'll behave as one, monolithic plot.


Want to take your building to the next level? Don't want to waste time placing tons of individual blocks by hand? If you've registered for member, you can gain access to WorldEdit by voting daily!