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A brief overview of our past, present, and future plans.

Chaotic United was founded in 2011, featuring World of Warcraft and Runescape private servers. Shortly after, it merged with a Minecraft server called Fatality Minecraft. As time went on, its servers continued to grow and expand. The World of Warcraft server was fully overhauled with completely custom content, under the name 'Edge of Chaos', and the Minecraft server expanded to offer multiple gamemodes.


In time, however, all other servers would be overshadowed by the Minecraft server - with both World of Warcraft and RuneScape falling by the wayside. By 2013, the population of the Minecraft server continued to fall. As controversial details surfaced about the community's original owner, Killerteddy1, the staff team felt it was best to leave Chaotic United behind - and create a fresh new start under the name Nuclear District. In 2014, what is known today as the 'Old' Chaotic United closed its doors, as Nuclear District began to build itself up.


In late 2014, however, Chaotic United would be reborn. A former member of the community, haloman30, made the decision to try and bring the old name back from the ashes. Initially, this was met with skepticism, as from the outside - it looked like nothing more than a cash-grab. Over time, however, it became clear that this was not the case at all - and the new Chaotic United joined forces with Nuclear District to see just how far they could go - together.


By 2016, however, the team behind Nuclear District had grown up, and many had lost interest in managing this community. They made the decision to close down Nuclear District - but their contributions and legacy would not be forgotten. Chaotic United returned to operating independently, and to this day - they carry forward the torch that was lit all the way back in 2011.


Today, Chaotic United is a small, but tight-knit community. We continue to work towards improving our Minecraft server, towards growing the community, and towards keeping that flame alive. We work both to expand and evolve into the future - but also to ensure that we always stay true to our past, and honor the legacy of those who built our foundation. We operate not for profit - but out of passion - and we hope that you might be able to share some of that passion with us.