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CU Updates #45 - Website Updates, Bugfixes, and Outside Help

haloman30 -

Our Services

These are our primary services and game server we offer.


Featuring Survival, Creative, SkyBlock, and Minigames, there's something here for everyone!

Minecraft Livemap

Get an eagle eye view of the entire MC server! With this, you can locate open and attractive places to build and explore.


For voice and text chat, we use our Discord server. We also are promoting the NARA Discord server.


The main hub of the entire community. Any important announcements and community discussion of all sorts end up here.

Age of Rebirth (Modded MC)

Featuring technical gadgets and wild terrain, Age of Rebirth holds an adventure for everyone.


Our newest gameserver is for the early-access indie title, Valheim. Our server is entirely vanilla - for now.


   Minecraft IP: 0/60
   BOC Icon IP: 0/60
   Beta 1.7.3 Icon IP: 0/20
   TeamSpeak IP:
   Discord Icon Discord
   Minecraft Livemap
   Minecraft Livemap
   Vote Vote Page
   Minecraft Livemap Minecraft Livemap

   NYI Service not yet implemented
   TD Service temporarily disabled
   WIP Service is implemented, but unfinished

Unsupported Services

These are services we don't do much with, but we do ensure remain online. They are not in danger of shutting down, but don't get much attention from us directly.

MC Beta 1.7.3

We got tired of seeing no stable Beta 1.7.3 servers surviving, so we made our own. It isn't our main focus, but it will always be online for when anyone feels nostalgic.

TeamSpeak 3

TeamSpeak was our primary method of voice communication prior to Discord. While it isn't used much anymore, we still keep it up for those who prefer it.


In the days before our Discord music bot, we had a Plug.DJ page. Later they shut down, but since then they have returned and our page with it. The page was created for ND originally and owned by Kendev.


During the downtime of Plug.DJ, we had a DubTrack page for listening to music together. Neither it nor Plug.DJ are used often anymore in favor of Discord, but we keep it around nonetheless.

What is Chaotic United?

Chaotic United (CU) is an online gaming community that was founded in 2010 and gained popularity with its premium and non-premium inclusive Minecraft server, World of Warcraft servers, and custom Runescape servers. Hurricane Craft (HC) was founded in 2013 and closed in the 2014 due to lack of movement. Tidal Wave Gaming (TWG) was founded by former Hurricane Craft administration in 2014 but closed during the same year. Also in 2014, the Nucelar District (ND) community started up as a branched-off community from CU.
Chaotic United shut down after many years of success, but the administration and staff kept the spirit alive with Nuclear District. Since its conception in February of 2014, Nuclear District had become a primarily Minecraft community, and has also specialized in hosting modded Minecraft communities such as Feed the Beast and Resonant Rise. Soon after ND was launched, a former player and donator to CU, Haloman30, decided to bring CU back up from the ruins. Later in 2015, the staff at CU and ND discussed a potential merge. After multiple meetings, ND decided to merge with CU to become as one. After merging with other servers and communities, Nuclear District has also planned to feature TeamFortress 2, Garrys Mod, and Left 4 Dead 2 servers. The online forums serve as an interactive platform for dialogue between the members, and voice servers are implemented to provide an enhanced in-game multiplayer experience. In 2016, ND closed down and is now owned by Haloman30 - who along with his staff team continues to carry the torch forward.
As a small, tight-knit community, Chaotic United is ever-changing, continually exploring opportunities for other gameservers. Since 2010 this community has been kept alive by the generous contributions of its members. The community has always sought to reinvest any extra funds into development, and thus it has become a community with enormous potential. We hope that anyone and everyone can find their niche here at the Chaotic United Network.



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