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Beta 1.0.6




+ Added mod: It's The Little Things (ITLT)

+ Added mod: Ding

+ Added mod: Fancy Block Particles

+ Added mod: Iron Backpacks

+ Added mod: Neat

+ Added mod: Better Questing

+ Added mod: Better Questing: Standard Expansion

+ Added mod: Mo' Bends

+ Added mod: Better Questing Questbook

+ Added mod: Advanced Chimneys

+ Added mod: Food Expansion

+ Added mod: Modular Powersuits

+ Added mod: Forge Endertech

+ Added mod: Numina

* Switch back to 1.7.10 due to better performance and less major bugs (not really a switch back but we're maintaining both 1.12 and 1.7 until we settle on a specific version)

* Fixed an issue where skins will often render incorrectly after moving through a portal or otherwise going to a different world

* Fixed an issue where Decocraft props and other objects weren't displaying with the proper lighting if a Waystone was in the player's line of sight (unfortunately this meant disabling the text glow effect on Waystones which makes them look really sad but what choice do we have)

* Hopefully disable the gnat sound effect in certain biomes (part of Dynamic Surroundings)

- Disabled Et Futurum Jacket Layer/Skin Overlay feature (was required to fix skin portal bug)

- Removed Killerteddy



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