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Welcome to the Minecraft Livemap!

This page allows you to easily view the current dynamic map for any of our current gamemodes. There's a couple things to know in order to easily get around:

  • The Gamemode Switcher - Found just above the top-right corner of the livemap panel, you'll see a button that starts with "Gamemode:", followed by the active gamemode. Clicking this will open a dropdown menu, allowing you to select the gamemode to view available worlds for.
  • World Menu - Once you've selected the desired gamemode, move your mouse to the right edge of the livemap panel (the box that shows the actual livemap itself). You'll see a panel slide open, showing a list of all available worlds for the selected server. Most maps will have two or three different display modes.

Display Modes

  • Flat - The default display mode. Shows the selected world from a 2D top-down perspective.
  • Surface - Shows the selected world from a 3D perspective.
  • Cave - Shows a view of the world's underground terrain.

Alternative Viewers

If you aren't a fan of this particular livemap viewer, or simply want to view the map with a larger screen area, you've got a couple options:

  • Classic Livemap Viewer - This is the page used to view the livemap prior to this page. While it will not receive any future updates or support, it can still be used if you prefer the more minimalist user interface. To access it, use the "Open Classic Livemap Viewer" button directly below the livemap panel.
  • Fullscreen Viewer - This allows you to view the currently selected gamemode's livemap in a standalone webpage, without any sort of wrappers on top. This will only allow you to view the currently selected gamemode, and you'll have to return to this page to view a different gamemode. To access it, use the "View This Map in Fullscreen" button directly below the livemap panel.