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Help Pages


Terms of Service

The Terms of Service for Chaotic United

Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy for Chaotic United


The Rules for Chaotic United's services

Staff Guidelines

The following are a series of guidelines that staff are expected to adhere to.

Premium Downloads Info

If you are interested in uploading premium files to the CU website, you are encouraged to read over this info first.

File Submission Guidelines

If you are interested in uploading files to the CU website, you are required to agree to these terms.

Account Maintenance

Donation Terms of Use

When you donate you agree to these terms. This is a more in-depth version of the short terms seen when purchasing

Connection Issues

Having troubles connecting? Check this article

Promotion Policy

Here is how we handle old donations from the original CU

Ranks and Promotions

Redeeming Codes

Instructions on how to redeem a code for the Minecraft server

Minecraft Ranks

Detailed information about the Minecraft Server ranks


Appeal a Suspension

You can appeal a ban for one of our servers here. Note: This does not mean your appeal will be granted.

Report a Rule-Breaker

Catch someone breaking the rules? Report them here.


Legacy Pages

Basic information on legacy pages and websites, and contains links to many of them.


Honorable mentions and credits for the classic and current generation Chaotic United.


The true incredible people of Chaotic United history.

Custom Plugins

Information on some of our custom plugins used.


Information on various brands and website domains we own, as well as historical logos.

Social Links