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    Forum Rank Permissions

    In Resources,

    Curious as to what forum perks you get with a given rank? This is the place to look!
    Curious as to what forum perks you get with a given rank? This is the place to look!
    Profile Settings Attachment Storage: 1MB Maximum Profile Photo Dimensions: 500 pixels Maximum Profile Photo Size: 1MB Username Changes: 3 times every 30 days Content Maximum Users per Conversation: 5 Maximum Conversations: 50 Maximum Reactions per Day: 30 Wait time for Form Submissions: 10 minutes Maximum Blog Count: 25  
    Can bypass Flood Control Profile Settings Attachment Storage: 16MB Maximum Profile Photo Dimensions: 2048 pixels Maximum Profile Photo Size: 4MB Content Maximum Users per Conversation: 10 Maximum Conversations: 150 Maximum Reactions per Day: 75 Wait time for Form Submissions: 10 minutes Maximum Blog Count: 25  
    Can bypass Flood Control Profile Settings Attachment Storage: 20MB Maximum Profile Photo Dimensions: 2048 pixels Maximum Profile Photo Size: 4MB Content Maximum Users per Conversation: 20 Maximum Conversations: 300 Maximum Reactions per Day: 150 Wait time for Form Submissions: None Maximum Blog Count: Unlimited

    ChestShop Guide

    In Minecraft,

    ChestShop Guide
    This guide will show you how to set up your own shop.
    Create a ChestShop with Buy & Sell
    If I want to sell 64 (1 stack) of cobblestones for $64 and buy them for $32 then I'll create a sign in front or top or bottom of the chest that would contain the cobblestone items to follow the format:

    so to sell 64 cobblestones for $64 and buying them for $32, I would do this:

    You can also replace Cobblestone with ? and it will auto-fill for you based on what's inside the chest. Your chest must include something for this to happen or it will not update the sign.

    Create a ChestShop with ONLY Buy or Sell
    To sell 64 cobblestones for $64 with no options for players to sell them to you, do this:

    As you notice the : 32 S part is missing. That's how you only enable the buy part. You can do the same for sell only by just displaying 32 S instead.
    Here's some examples of how you can link up the sign to the chest in different ways:

    LWC Guide

    In Minecraft,

    LWC Guide
    LWC is an auto-locking plugin that provides protection to your chests/furnaces/etc to prevent unauthorized access to your items.
    Chests/Furnaces/etc are auto-lockable in Survival/Creative/Skyblock gamemodes by simply placing down it. For example:

    To lock a Chest/Furnace/etc, simply run /lock and right-click on the block you want to apply lock to:

    To unlock a Chest/Furnace/etc you own, simply run /unlock and right-click on the block you want to remove the lock from:

    To turn your Chest/Furnace/etc to a public-lock for others to access without destroying your block, simply run /cpublic and right-click on block to apply the change to:

    /cmodify <player>
    To give someone access to your Chest/Furnace/etc, simply run /cmodify <player> and right-click on block to apply the change to. For example, if I want to give ilovethem access to my chest, I simply do /cmodify ilovethem and right-click on my chest. Here's a pic to show what it'll look like:

    If I want to remove ilovethem from my chest I simply add minus symbol (-) to the left of the player's name: /cmodify -ilovethem and right-click on chest to apply the change. Here's a pic of what it'll look like:


    Recent Articles

    For members of our build team, we have a number of guidelines and expectations - both in terms of server builds, and in terms of general staff duties. Some of these will differ from typical staff duties and expectations - as such, any current or future members of the build team are expected to adhere and follow these guidelines and expectations. Failure to do so may result in removal from the build team.
    If you're looking to join our build team, be sure to read over these guidelines before applying. If you cannot agree to the expectations and guidelines outlined below, then you will not be able to join the team.
    Server Build Ownership
    Any build created for the server should be considered to be belonging to Chaotic United - this goes for finished spawns and lobbies, minigame maps, and even incomplete works created in our "builder" world (the internal world used to contain work-in-progress server builds). By building within this builder world, you understand that these builds may be used, with or without your permission, for official server use, with or without credit (though we almost always will give credit where appropriate - see the Build Credits section for details). These builds may also be retained indefinitely by the server, and may not be deleted at any point in the future - regardless of whether or not you are a part of our build team.
    In other words, the things you build for the server are just that - they belong to the server. If you build something cool, and we want to make use of it officially, you can't come in later on and demand that we don't. And the reverse is true - if you build something for the server, and it ends up going unused (or were to be removed in the future), you don't get to demand us to put it into use.
    Similarly, the server ownership and administration reserves the right to modify your builds, with or without your permission, as seen fit based on server needs or desires. As with earlier points, we also reserve the right to not modify a build, even if you desire that it be changed or altered, if we do not see it fit to do so. Whenever possible, however, we will typically work with you when it comes to making any modifications required - and if you see it fit to make changes to a build, we are happy to accept your feedback and consider it, even if you are no longer part of the build team. However, by being part of our build team, you understand that any decisions made are ultimately up to Chaotic United leadership - you don't get to be the one to make the final call on these types of changes.
    Archival and Preservation
    At Chaotic United, we believe strongly in archival and preservation - and that the more things that we can preserve, the better. As such, builds within the builder world should never, at any point, be removed or deleted. This does not apply to short-term working copies of builds - however, for anything that has been around for any meaningful amount of time, it should not be deleted or altered at that point. If changes need to be made to an older build, care should be taken to copy the original build, and then that copy should be modified instead.
    Additionally, once any build is put into use (ie, a spawn is introduced formally, or a minigame map is added to the selection), it generally will not be modified at that point. In extremely rare and severe cases, minor alterations may be made - but in general, once something is in, it's in. As such, we ask that you ensure a build is finished and finalized before it is put into use. Additionally, any signs with any personal messages are not allowed in most cases. If you are uncertain about a particular sign, you should ask an administrator for guidance.
    World Downloads
    Like many other Minecraft servers, we periodically reset some of our server worlds - such as Survival and Vanilla. Unlike other servers, however, we take steps to ensure those earlier worlds aren't lost - and are instead presved forever. This comes in the form of public world downloads. These download archives contain the entirety of past worlds - including all dimensions, player inventories and builds, and by extension - the world's spawn build.
    Since this is (in our opinion, unfortunately) a rare practice, we want to be clear that any build - such as a spawn, generated structure, or any other official build that is used within one of these worlds will included in these downloads. Additionally, once a world is put up for download, it will not be modified any further beyond that point. As such - when building spawns or other builds that will go into these worlds, be sure that anything anything you include is something you're comfortable with being shared and preserved indefinitely.

    Build Credits
    Build crediting is a particularly sensitive topic - and one that we have had to work to find a proper balance that works well for our build team, without compromising the server's appearance to the general public.
    Small easter egg-esque crediting, such as a player head, can be included - as long as the head is either well-integrated into the build or out of normal player sight. In essence, they should be treated as easter eggs - rare, hidden little secrets.

    More overt and direct crediting can be achieved via the Credits area of /warp help - which will always contain the credits for any builds that are prominent or newly introduced at the time. Additionally, credits can be added to /warp credits - which acts as a more permanent home for build credits. If your build gets added here, it'll remain there permanently - even if it isn't shown in future iterations of /warp help.
    3rd-Party Builds (Build Tutorials)
    In general, reliance on external sources for builds - such as build tutorials or designs - is discouraged. If, for any reason, you must utilize a build tutorial or similar for an official build, this usage must be approved by an administrator. Additionally, care should be taken to ensure that the build in question is allowed to be used on a multiplayer server in the first place.

    If the source of the 3rd-party build requires that credit be given, this information should also be communicated to an administrator, to ensure this information is properly accounted for in /warp credits.
    3rd-party credit signs may be included in a build, if the signs can be integrated in a matter that naturally fits in with the build. This will require administrative approval - so if you have an idea on a means to integrate this, be sure to get approval first.
    If a 3rd-party build is used and this information is not disclosed to an administrator, and we encounter a situation where that original author requests that the build be removed, you will be removed from the build team immediately, and you will not be eligible to join the build team again in the future.
    Unlike the rest of our staff team, activity is generally not considered significantly important for members of our build team. We only ask that you contribute when you are able and needed to do so.
    If you are repeatedly asked to work on a server build and are continuously unable to do so, you may potentially be subject to removal from the build team. We won't remove you from the team without any sort of notice, though - we'll try and work with you as best as we can.
    Note that this does not apply in situations where the builder also holds a separate staff position on the team (such as Moderator, Developer, or Manager) - in these cases, the standard expectations for activity are to be followed instead.

    If you have any questions regarding this policy, don't hesitate to ask an administrator! We want these guidelines to be as clear as possible, in order to avoid any miscommunication or misunderstandings - we all work more effectively when we're all on the same page.

    As such, if you have any questions or concerns about this policy, be sure to reach out and let us know!

    Forum Ranks

    In Website and Forums,

    What are Ranks?
    The Chaotic United website has a series of ranks you can unlock through participating in various ways in our community. Some great ways to rank up include:
    Creating new content, including forum topics, forum posts, comments, files, blog posts, and so on Receiving positive reactions on content  
    Be wary, though - receiving negative ratings or having content deleted or hidden may cause you to lose points.
    What do these ranks do?
    Currently, they're just for bragging rights. However, in the future we'd like to offer more tangible rewards (both on the website and within our various servers) as a reward for participating.
    What ranks are available?
    The full list of ranks, their badges, and the amount of points required to reach each one is detailed in the table just below.
    Rank Changes as of 8/16/2023
    On June 4th, 2023, we significantly overhauled our ranking system, as well as made changes to display ranks more prominently. Previously, the only ranks available were Newbie, Private, and Sergeant. Newbie was renamed to Recruit, and what used to be Sergeant was renamed to Corporal - with Sergeant being its own separate rank. This was done to match the ranking system put in place on Elaztek Studios in June of 2023. They were also given updated badges from the default badge used before - however, they are otherwise unchanged and have identical unlock requirements.
    Emblem Title Points Points from Previous Recruit
    (formerly Newbie) 0 + 0 Private 10 + 10 Corporal
    (formerly Sergeant) 30 + 20 Sergeant 60 + 30 Master Sergeant 100 + 40 Warrant Officer 150 + 50 First Lieutenant 250 + 100 Captain 400 + 150 Lt. Colonel 600 + 200 Colonel 800 + 200 Brigadier 1000 + 200 Major 1250 + 250 General 1500 + 250 Lt. Commander 1750 + 250 Commander 2000 + 250 Vice Admiral 2300 + 300 Admiral 2700 + 400 Field Marshall 3500 + 800 Hero 4500 + 1000 Legend 6000 + 1500 Mythic 7777 + 1777  

    Member Registration Perks

    In Minecraft,

    Looking to register? Check out this page for the cool stuff you can get for doing so!
    With the 1.14 update, we've made some adjustments to our registration system. Instead of it being a useless leftover of old CU, it now has actual purpose again!
    By registering, you will get the Member rank which contains the following perks:
    Ability to extinguish campfires with water bottles Access to Teddy's Dungeon Ability to use Chairs and /sit Access to /disposal Access to /disenchant (/unenchant) Access to TinyText (/tinytext) Access to Fuckify (/fuckify, /tinyfuckify) Access to Garbled (/garbled, /garbledfuckify, /tinygarbled, /tinygarbledfuckify) Access to /tptoggle  
    Additionally, you'll get the following abilities in Survival and Creative:
    Access to CUXPSell (Survival Only) Ability to create CraftBook mechanics Ability to create up to 5 homes Ability to claim up to 15 Creative plots Access to 1 Vault slot (Survival Only) Access to /back (return to your death point or last teleport location!) Access to /heads (Creative Only)  
    You also get the following perks in Semi-Vanilla Survival:
    Ability to create CraftBook mechanics Ability to create up to 5 homes

    Server Rank Perk Guidelines

    In Guidelines,

    With great power comes great responsibility. Find out how to use your Survival perks responsibly.
    Chaotic United offers a variety of ranks, obtainable through any combination of playtime or purchase. In keeping with the old Chaotic United's tradition, and in order to ensure that past donators and customers don't feel as though their money was wasted, we continue to offer a variety of increasingly powerful abilities accessible within Survival.
    However, with great power comes great responsibility. While the goal of these perks is generally to allow players to have fun with admin-like abilities and allow for those who wish to have a more Creative-like experience, many of these perks fundamentally open the door for abuse.
    What kind of stuff am I allowed to do?
    For the most part, we try to let players do whatever they want with their perks. As long as the use of these perks doesn't damage or interfere with the experience of other players, you're almost certainly good to go.
    Some examples of acceptable use of perks includes, but is not limited to:
    Using item spawn to obtain materials for building Using WorldEdit to aid in the creation of builds Using /fly to explore the world more quickly and thoroughly Using Creative or Spectator to aid in building and above-ground exploration  
    What kind of stuff am I NOT allowed to do?
    Anything that creates lag, damages or interferes with another player's experience, or exploits a bug with either Minecraft itself or with the server itself is almost always disallowed.
    Some examples of unacceptable use of perks includes, but is not limited to:
    Selling or giving away spawned items to players who cannot spawn items Using WorldEdit to remove large chunks of underground terrain in order to locate ores Using /fly to rapidly locate and loot above ground structures Using spawned items to construct self-sustaining farms, and then selling the yields from those farms Using Creative fly in The End to locate and loot End Cities or Durite Using WorldEdit to bypass land claims or WorldGuard regions Using Spectator mode to teleport to players with teleportation disabled Using Spectator mode to rapidly locate and loot underground structures, such as mineshafts, mob spawners, and strongholds  
    Please note that this list is not a conclusive list. Almost every item on this list comes from a particular incident on the server at some point in the past - and there's bound to be things that are added to it later on that aren't there at present. Don't worry, though - as we'll almost never issue any sort of punishment on the first case of a player does something that warrants being added to the list.
    What happens if I abuse my perks?
    As outlined above, if a player engages in a behavior that was not previously explicitly disallowed, but is added to the above list later, that player would not be punished beyond "don't do this anymore". In those cases, special instruction may also be given as well - for example, when a player was found to be using spawned items to construct large, self-sustaining farms and planned to sell the yields from them, that player was instructed that they must either refrain from selling the yields or gather all of the materials required to construct the farm legitimately. This kind of instruction will vary on a case-by-case basis, and may not always be required.
    For any behavior which is already explicitly disallowed, the following punishments would usually be issued (note that this may vary based on the severity of the incident):
    First offense: Verbal warning Second offense: Verbal warning Third offense: Temporary removal of specific perk(s) in question - duration of removal will vary based on incident severity Fourth offense: Longer temporary removal of specific perk(s) in question Fifth offense: Permanent removal of specific perk(s) in question  
    But I paid for them - you can't take my perks away! I want a refund!
    While we will do our best to avoid having to take away perks from a player - as they've of course either paid or played for them - purchasing or playing a lot does not make someone unpunishable. Otherwise, someone could simply spend a large amount of money and start causing mayhem and making the entire server unplayable - driving away players and ruining the experience for everyone else. This is outlined in the Purchase Terms - which apply to anyone with any of the ranks.
    As mentioned before, having access to these kinds of perks comes with the expectation that you use them responsibly - and if you repeatedly fail to do so, then we may be left with no other option to protect the experience of other players.
    Additionally, we also do not offer refunds for those who have purchased from the store. Just as players who purchase an online multiplayer game can be banned from multiplayer after cheating, we reserve the right to temporarily or permanently revoke access to a special perk after repeat (or severe) misuse.

    Gamemode Restart Times

    In Minecraft,

    As of 4/13/2022, all gamemodes on the MC server restart every 24 hours. Each gamemode restarts 5 minutes apart, in order to ensure that only 1 gamemode is offline at a time - both to ensure uptime, and to limit any significant server strain.
    The full list of server restart times are listed below.
    Server Restart Time Creative 4:45 AM Factions 4:50 AM Hub (waiting room) 4:55 AM Main (cu) 5:00 AM Minigames 5:05 AM Semi-Vanilla (sv) 5:10 AM Skyblock 5:15 AM Survival 5:20 AM  

    An index of all imported topics from the old Chaotic United forums.
    On March 7, 2022, a number of forum topics from the Old Chaotic United forums (hosted at were reintroduced into the forums. Each of these topics were hand-imported via copying and pasting their contents, and manually overriding the author name and converting the post times based on the most accurate data available within the Wayback Machine. For convenience, each of these topics can be found listed below, sorted by category.
    Total imported posts: 1722 Total imported topics: 244  
    News & Announcements:
    Ultrahardcore Event 1 - Helper And Mods Shortage On The Mc - New PvP Plugin - Minecraft - 1 Year, Website Update & More - Minecraft 1.2.5 (and other news) - Website Update - Minecraft 1.2 - Release! - Minecraft 1.1 - Update Now! -  
    Suggestions & Feedback:
    Game idea - Qr Code Pixel Art - PS Stones! The new Minecraft Protection Plugin! - Do The Creeper - Just a simple suggestion. - Website Idea :D - A couple of bugs - Warps - Messaging in Minecraft - Pvp in the overworld for some areas - Let's Play Minecraft - more donation options - server connection #error# - failing to log in - lag/glitching - minecraft problems #2 - minecraft problems - Where are the animals? - A new game - Livemap suggestion. - Notifications for Apple devices, etc. - PIG RACING. - Some new award Ideas Please Read - Update 1.3.4 - UPDATE to 1.2.4 - server is outdated - Factions for 1.2.4 - Less griefing - looting system mob - shop - Server too complicated :( - Another suggestion from me. - my skin i made. -  
    MineCraft Registration:
    Register - Register - Join Minecraft Server >.> - Can I Be A Member? - Member Registration - Mirco1997 Registration - My Application - Full Instructions To Member Registration - member app - Registration - Member app - Registration - Play - Server Registration For Member - Registration - JobyWokkers - applying for a membership - :) - Member application for minecraft - Registration - Registration - Registration - Registration - Member application for minecraft - minecraft registration - Member application for minecraft - Member - Application :D - Please Give me Member - Member Application - Can i please be a member? - PLS I WOULD LOVE TO JOIN YOUR SERVER <3 - I want to register - My Registration - I Think this is a AWESOME SERVER - Kendev's and Lopy's Year on Chaotic United - PVP - How to use Minecraft Plugins! - Registration Error... - Registration - Membership - My registration. - lol i want to be accepted - NOM NOM NOM ~ I can has member? :3 - apply for member - Minecraft Server Registration - Hello everyone! - registartion mc server - REGISTRATION APP! - Registration - Registration - Registration - Registration - Registration - Ready to join, ready to help!!!!! - My house was griefed two times - Registration - Shikaru's REGISTER APP! - Minecraft Registration - joining an amazing server - Application to be a Member - I want to be member please - REGISTRATION - Registrationting - Registrationting - registering - new player fast40 - REGISTRATION! - registering - member - I CANT MINE THINGS - Registrationting - Registration - ME - app for member - registration - register - Minecraft Server Beginner - hello would like to become a member - minecraft server - Server Registration - Registration - READ THIS! - Minecraft registration - Joining - Siouxsie - Minecraft registration - Member registration - registration - Want to be a member - Join please? D: - Tunnnt`s registration - Member Registration - becoming a member - member - minecraft server - Apply to enter in the server - Registration - Join the server! - I want to play - New member. - Yo :D - i want to play your minecraft server plz - Approve me :) - Alekznyman - member - member - apply to build again - MC server join? - 2222 - pele - pele - member - minecraft registrasion - Can Me Joinz? :D - signing in - register members - Minecraft Registration - The guy who needed a new name - Kunkolino's Member Application - Joining this sever. -  
    i got rolled back - Permanent Ban Request - Alycat - Hacker entered server -  
    Ban Appeals:
    The ban hammer has spoken! - Please get me unbanned - BANNED - My Sister Used My Account -  
    Minecraft Server:
    Money Toplist - Survival Ip? - Minecraft Server Ranks and Server Rules - MineCraft 1.3.1 Common Mods [DownLoad] + Screenshots And info - minecraft restarting from scratch - Help - The Ban Hammer Has Spoken - Hotel Dupha! :D - Creating a new City or no? - The Chat Box - Chaotic Archive! - why? - Forgot my MC Server login Password! - why? - Economy Price List! - Are you an extraordinary builder? Then read this! - im new and i dont want people to pvp me HELP!!!!!! - hellohi's shop - MineCraft Change password login - bahroz1 is awesome and cool :D!!!! - Teamspeak 3 skin - Say NO to Map Restart! (My 10 Points against Map Restart) (+poll) - Minecraft - Can't Reach Server... - Wrong Password? - HELP with becoming a member - Advertiser rank - Minecraft Sports Mod - internal exception read timed out - How to make a magic spell or lock the door/chest? -  
    The Den:
    Terraria Server? - Problem logging in! (the minecraft server) -  
    Computers & Tech:
    Internet Browsers... - (Admins Only) [RS|MU|FSC|WU|FS]Rayman Origins [ISO l 2011 l FULL]-1 LINK - (Admins Only) [RS+MU+4]Jurassic Park The Game[2011 l 2.6GB]+CRACK - (Admins Only) [RS+MU+4] NFS: THE RUN Limited Edition MULTI-8 REPACK -9GB -  
    Graphics Masters:
    Simple Graphics Requests - [Josh's] Signature request! - SOTW #10 Entries - MW3 signature -  
    Music & Movies:
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    PC Gaming:
    Battlefield 3 Anyone? - Free [Horror Game] "Slender" - Minecraft Single Player World - Online Pokemon Battle Showdown! - poop - how do i fix it? - Endermen Lovers Unite! - Curse You Slender - Slender - My first attempt at "Slender" - help 4 buying a gaming pc - Pirating? - help - Cobblestone Generator FAIL -_- - [Minecraft] Can anyone tell me what i did wrong with my cobblestone generator? - 1.3 Pre-release 1 Patch notes and other general features - Macro KeyBind Question [Minecraft] - If no dragon saved you at Helgen, - Removing Block Animation In MC - League of Legends for mac! - Favourite minecraft mods? - Selling Battlefield 3 account. - MC Skin - My new skin in minecraft - This is a unique problem, I need some help =) - Building Ideas for my creative world in minecraft - Support Articles:
    Upgrade Your Existing Package -  
    Runescape Server:
    Crashing - Dungeoneering Wall Glitch - 1 - 99 Summoning Guide - Leaving for a while - Chaotic United - Official RuneScape Server Rules - Beginner's guide to money-making - [RSPS] RARES! -

    Archived Pages Index (Forums)

    In History,

    A list of any archived webpages from the website.
    Here, you can find a list of any old pages which have been replaced, removed, or are otherwise no longer being updated.
    It is entirely possible that these links will break over time. If any of the links below fail to work for any reason, you are encouraged to submit a bug report. Chances are, the page still exists somewhere - we just moved it during some mass organization effort.
    Please keep in mind that these pages are NOT being updated. Many of them WILL contain outdated or inaccurate information. They were removed/replaced for a reason.
    Additionally, some of these pages were originally intended to be seen only for staff members or, in some cases, specific people.
    The pages listed below are limited to pages that are contained within the Forums system. See the other Archived Page Indexes for more archived pages:
    Main Site Archives: <TBA> Other/Misc. Archives: <TBA>  
    Error Pages
    404: IP.Board 3.x-style Error Page:  
    Documents and Policies
    Ruletech Games Terms of Service: Ruletech Games Terms of Service (IPB 3.x): Ruletech Games Rules & Guidelines: Old CU Rules: Old CU Rules (IPB 3.x): Nuclear District Rules: Donation Terms of Service: Rules: KaizerCraft/CU Merger Kaizercraft EULA: KC/CU License: Kaizercraft EULA (alt): EULA Violation Notice:  
    Informational Pages
    Rank Information: Server Status: MC Money Toplist: Vote Page: CU Story (early): Banlist Navigation: Old Banned Users: Currently Banned Users:  
    1.13 Update Status Status Page: Template Page: Feature Plan: MC Minigame Map Browser: Articles (default DB with Pages/IP.Content): Media Demo (default with old IP.Content):  
    Test Pages
    CometChat Test Wrapper: "is it fixed yet": Client Area Addresses: Contacts: Donations: Orders: Overview: Purchases: External Page Embeds (iframes) Chaotic District: Donation Store: Nuclear District: UnitedAlyCraft:  
    Imported 2015 Homepage: Artificial Reason Templates Full: News: Plan: Polygon: Profile: Services: "wut": M - The Everything Minecraft Server M Homepage: M "Learn More" Page:  
    Miscellaneous Pages
    Old Chatbox Announcements: Temporary Homepage: Material Homepage (broken css): Default Post Content from Nuclear District: Articles Test Page: Old ND Forum Layout Info: Old CU Forum Layout Info: Old CU Staff Application Format: Minecraft Vote Page (wip): Weird Shoutbox Copy/Paste: Site Archives

    In History,

    Here, you can find links to very early sites that we used to operate.
    From 2013 to 2014, haloman30 (CU's primary owner/maintainer) operated several older sites on another platform that predate the current site and forums. Most of these were more related to Elaztek Studios' origins, but several sites for United AlyCraft and Chaotic United, as well as an early site for HurricaneCraft (then known as HurricaneGaming) - though this wasn't owned by haloman30 but was instead likely run by Jamplifier (HurricaneCraft's founder).
    Unlike Elaztek or Chaotic United's modern websites, which are more or less custom built - that is, run on a proper webserver with full control over site content and applications - these older websites were created using Webs (, which is an easy-to-use site builder service. They offer very limited control over what you can do, but are intended to make it so that those without the knowledge or experience to operate their own webserver were able to create a basic website.
    Those websites got very little development and were officially retired once Elaztek Studios was launched. The websites have since only been maintained enough to ensure they continue to exist (in other words, periodically logging into the Webs account to ensure they weren't automatically removed).
    However, on November 11, 2020, Webs announced that they would be shutting their doors and migrating all content over to Vistaprint - the parent company of Webs. However, only Premium Webs customers would have their content migrated over. Those who didn't have premium websites were told that their site would no longer be viewable or editable:
    In order to preserve the old websites (as awful as they are, seeing as they were made by a 13 year old), the websites were mirrored using WinHTTrack and will be hosted on our own webserver going forward. You can find all 6 Webs sites that were previously operated by haloman30 below, though not all of them were related to CU.
    Please keep in mind that, again, the quality of the websites are terrible. They were made by a 13 year old and, as such, contain some pretty dumb stuff and weird claims - and have been unaltered from those early iterations. Additionally, keep in mind that these websites are read-only. Several of them used to contain account and forum functionality, but these are dependent on Webs' backend systems - which are not available for these archives. As such, logging in, registering, or any other user content will simply do nothing. Think Wayback Machine.
    Enjoy - if you can.
    Elaztek Studios
    Haloman Development
    Archive URL: Original URL:   
    Archive URL: Original URL:   
    Project: Infinity
    Archive URL: Original URL:   
    Chaotic United
    Chaotic United
    Archive URL: Original URL:   
    United Alycraft
    Archive URL: Original URL:   
    Hurricane Gaming (HurricaneCraft) (not owned by haloman30)
    Archive URL: Original URL:   
    Archive URL: Original URL: