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Our Minecraft server has been our flagship project since 2011, and continuously receives new and exciting content, features, and gamemodes. With a wide selection of gamemodes, an ever-growing number of custom content, down-to-earth staff, and a closely-knit community - you're bound to find something you like here.

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Want a bird's-eye view of the MC server? Check out the livemap - which shows the real-time positions of players, and a top-down view of almost every gamemode.

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World Downloads

We don't believe in "deleting" old stuff. While we do periodically reset some worlds from time to time, we always take great care to ensure that the previous worlds are never lost - but are instead permanently preserved by putting them up for download. If you'd like to explore one of these old worlds, you can grab any of them here.

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Discussion Forum

Want to see what the community is talking about? View past discussions or start a new one on the Minecraft Server subforum.

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The iconic gamemode, enhanced.

Our Survival gamemode has been a major focus for most of Chaotic United's lifespan. Today, it continues to expand into better and more rich custom content - while still being able to be enjoyed vanilla, if you like. Additionally, our ranking system comes out in full force - with each rank gaining access to increasingly powerful perks.

Semi-Vanilla Survival

An alternative for the Survival purists.

If you prefer your Survival experience to be a bit closer to Vanilla, and don't want any custom content getting in your way - this is the place for you. It's typical Survival, with economy and a few convenience features, but that's it. No crazy ranks, no custom content.


The builder's dream.

Got a knack for building? Build anything you can imagine in our Creative mode - offering multiple 200x200* plots for you to build on, the possibilities are limitless.

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A timeless classic evolved.

Our SkyBlock gamemode offers a challenge system, a server shop, and multiple unique island types for you to choose from. What's not to like?

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A home for Minecraft purists.

Our Vanilla offering offers pure Vanilla gameplay. While some plugins are present for moderation purposes and playtime tracking, there are absolutely zero gameplay altering plugins - ensuring that you can enjoy pure, unadulterated Minecraft with your friends.



**spacebar mashing intensifies**

Are you an expert at coordination? Got good jumping power? Then come on and check out our Parkour offering! With a wide selection of maps, from simple to absurd - you're sure to find maps to give you just the right amount of challenge.

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The original Battle Royale.

Fight to be the last man standing in SurvivalGames! Grab what you can at the start, scavenge for tools on the map - and fight to emerge victorious.

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How long can you last?

Fight an endless horde of enemies in the classic game of MobArena! Use in-map perks to gain the upper hand, and see how long you can hold out!

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Which one is the real Red Core?

In this gamemode, you're on the hunt for the one and only Red Core - be the first to find it before anyone else to win!

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Stay on top.

Knock the floor out from your enemies to win this gamemode - literally. Watch your step and be on your toes - don't let them knock you down into the death below!

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In this mode, two teams fight it out to grab a bomb in the middle of the map. Your goal is to get that bomb, and deliver it to the opponent's goal. Keep them from getting the bomb to yours with an Energy Sword or Gravity Hammer - whichever suits your fancy.

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