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Welcome to the Nuclear District Archive!

Here, you can revisit all of the Nuclear District websites from the past. Nuclear District was a community that served as a successor to the old Chaotic United (2011-2013), and a precursor to the new Chaotic United (2014-present).

Nuclear District lived on until August 21, 2016, at which point the staff team had other passions in life - ND not included. From then onward, ownership of Nuclear District was owned by haloman30 - though it has remained closed down since. On August 21, 2018 - two years after ND's closure, the old forums themes (District One and ND 2015 - Dark Theme) were ported to IPB4 and this archive was put up for old ND members to revisit.

All websites have been left virtually untouched from their previous state. The only exception being that most links throughout the sites are updated to point to the appropriate locations in order to remove dead links. For example, any links pointing to the ND forums will link to CU's forums. Just basic stuff like that, you know?

We hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane! We worked hard to bring all this stuff back up for your viewing pleasure.

Stay Nuclear, but always stay United.

ND 2014 - Original Website

This is where it all began. This was the first ND website put up to the public.


ND 2015 - CU Merge Era (BETA)

This is a work-in-progress version of the website that was in place during the merge between CU and ND. It contains a very different layout to any other ND website, and most functionality is not implemented yet.


ND 2015 - CU Merge Era

This website was in place during the merging process between the new CU and ND.

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ND 2015 v2 - Post-ND Minecraft

Shortly after ND shut down it's own MC Server and Bungee Network, it introduced this new website design. Our archive of this site unfortunately isn't entirely complete - in the large blank space on the homepage, there used to be a feed of the most recent announcements. This is, sadly, no longer functional.

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ND 2016 - IPB4 Upgrade

Once IPB (ND and CU's Forum Software) released it's 4.0 upgrade, ND took the opprotunity to freshen up it's website. Some elements introduced continue to be present in CU's main website today.


ND 2016 - Rev. 1

This is a modified version of the ND 2016 website. It contains a few minor changes from the final one, however. Most of these changes are in styling and appearance, not so much in layout. This version of the site was never made public.


ND 2016 - Rev. 2

This is a website that was being worked on after the IPB4 migration. It still uses the 2016 v1 logo, and sports a sleek new look. This website never saw the light of day.


ND 2016 - Rev. 3

This is an extended version of the ND 2016 Rev. 2 website, containing a help section and some other improvements from the previous version. This version, as well, was never made public.


ND 2016 v2 - Unreleased Beta WIP

This is a work-in-progress version of the unreleased ND 2016 v2 website. It is mostly the same, though there are a few minor differences.


ND 2016 v2 - Unreleased Beta

This was a work-in-progress website that was planned to be launched in mid-2016, but sadly, due to ND's closure, it never saw the light of day. Some elements were reused later in CU's previous website design.


Memorial Page

This is where the book was closed, a sad farewell to an era. When ND closed down, this is the page that was put up in it's memory. It continues to remain the default page on the ND website to this day. Even with their closure, their legacy will never be forgotten.