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Beta 1.0.0




+ Added mod: BetterPlacement
+ Added mod: Catwalks
+ Added mod: Compact Machines
+ Added mod: Custom Music Discs
+ Added mod: Doomlike Dungeons
+ Added mod: Dynamic Surroundings
+ Added mod: Flans Mod
+ Added mod: Halocraft
+ Added mod: ReAuth
+ Added mod: Recurrent Complex
+ Added mod: RFTools

+ Added mod: SmothFont
+ Added mod to server: Rope Plus

+ Added new main menu music

+ Added a customized UI to the modpack

+ Added resource pack: Default UI (for those who really hate the new UI - can't see why you would but hey the option is there)

* Changed forge version to 1614 (latest Forge version for 1.7.10)

* Redesigned main menu

* Fixed main menu not displaying properly on 1080p screens

* Server/modpack is now based on the latest version of Brink of Chaos (added mods are based on the mod set in Brink of Chaos 1.8.7a)

* Modpack is now handled through Solder

- Removed mod: Aether
- Removed mod: Big Reactors
- Removed mod: Botania
- Removed mod: Compact Solars
- Removed mod: Cosmetic Armor
- Removed mod: DoggyStyle
- Removed mod: MoCreatures
- Removed mod: Elemental Creepers
- Removed mod: Iron Backpacks
- Removed mod: Just a Few Fish
- Removed mod: Little Blocks
- Removed mod: Lots of Food
- Removed mod: Realistic Terrain Generation
- Removed mod: SGCraft
- Removed mod: Storage Drawers
- Removed mod: Thaumcraft
- Removed mod: Twilight Forest



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