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  1. But how will we draw players in? Who would want to spend time playing an outdated version of Minecraft on a server, AND have to /register, and /login.
  2. So I finished the survey for new game modes that should be added to CU (the one made by BlarFlargan). I then I realized that one particular game mode, Mob Arena, was not on the list. This game mode is not very popular in many servers but I remember really enjoying it when I was younger The game mode is basically where you can pick kits, and then are put into an arena full of random mobs that come in waves (not just zombies) but like different types of mobs. Some servers had it a competition to see who wold survive the most rounds among a group of players, while others allowed for people to play solo The system automatically pays the winning players based on how many rounds they survived or the number of mobs they kill. I believe this option should be considered when adding new game modes to CU (maybe sometime in the future). Link to an example plugin: TLDR: We should totally consider getting a mob arena plugin because killing mobs is cool.
  3. lol doesn't look like many people favor PVP games.