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Found 3 results

  1. Hey, everyone! We've been hard at work for a while now, working on the replacement for Autorank - the plugin used for time-based ranking. As of today, that development is, essentially, complete. Why? Some of you may be wondering, why did we feel the need to replace Autorank? Well, there were a few key issues that we needed to remedy: First and foremost, it hasn't lived up to its name ever since we migrated to BungeeCord. Even after updating to newer versions, it simply failed to issue rewards properly. Second, it has no real easy system to allow for combining playtime and rank purchases. Since ranks can be both bought and earned, you'll have cases where players may, for example, work to earn Donator rank - and then decide to get VIP. Rather than requiring that you pay the full 10$, we allow users to use those 5 days of playtime as a sort of credit, and so you'd be able to upgrade to VIP for 5$. The issue is that this is an entirely manual process - you have to donate the specific amount, and then a Moderator has to manually promote you from there. Additionally, automatic rankups no longer work afterwards - and once again, a staff member must manually promote you once one of you notice that you've reached the playtime required. Lastly, it's had a number of weird quirks and issues that we just wanted to iron out or leave behind - and that's what we set out to do. Whats New So, let's get into the changes, then! What's new about this Autorank replacement? Enhanced Playtime Tracking - The plugin now stores two types of total playtime values - referred to as "Earned Playtime" and "Valued Playtime". Earned playtime refers to how much time you've actually played. It can't be modified by commands, and this is what gets displayed in the total time leaderboards. Valued playtime, however, can be modified with commands - and as such, can be modified by things such as rank purchases and such. This is the value that gets checked against for playtime rewards, but is not displayed in various toplists - since it isn't representative of a user's playtime. In-Game Reward Progress Tracking - Rather than just having to guess or do math to figure out when you can earn your next rank, you can check your progress of all rewards using /ar rewards. It will display the total times required for all rewards, and will also display how much time you have before you unlock it (or, if you've already unlocked it, it'll say that instead). Improved Leaderboards - Previously, /ar top would only show the top 5 users - and if any of those top 5 were hidden, the list would just be shorter by one item. Now, the toplist has been increased to show the top 8 players, and rather than having missing entries, excluded users are simply skipped - and the next person after them takes their spot. Support for Repeatable Rewards - This is something that isn't in just yet, but will be in the near future. We want to soon be able to have more things you can earn from playtime besides just the ranks. Primarily, this will be used for Tokens - the new name of CUPoints/NDPoints. These will serve as a new global currency and will be obtainable via a few methods - and will have a variety of uses. You can find a little bit of additional information on this topic. Bugfixes - In addition to the new features, most of the bugs that the original Autorank plugin had before have been resolved. Ranks should now properly be rewarded when you've reached the right amount of playtime - finally living up to the name "Autorank" once again. For the full list of changes, you can read the full changelog here: Next on the Horizon Next up, our focus will be on additional bugfixes, as well as some of the new features described in CU Updates #46. While we can't commit to any timelines, you can reasonably expect these improvements to be sooner rather than later. For now, however, that's all we've got. If you happen to notice any issues (with the new Autorank or otherwise), be sure to let us know by submitting a bug report! Otherwise, just keep your eyes peeled for what's next on the horizon.
  2. Note: To see custom textures you need to be using optifine and have custom textures enabled! Hi there! Today I'm bringing you a guide to the new plugin added to Chaotic United, developed by yours truly. Before we get started I just wanna give a huge Thank You! to @Windwhistle for being available to help whenever I needed. What does it do? This plugin adds custom armor, staves, blocks, and enemies! But Guitar I got durite, do I have to get rid of it now? Is yours better? Not quite. These brand new sets are not an upgrade to durite, instead they have different uses. The weaker set has the durability of the iron armor set but with lower defense and a new stat, magic bonus. The stronger set has the durability of netherite armor, lower defense while also giving magic bonus. What's this "magic bonus"? As I said before this plugin adds staves to minecraft. Each staff has a base magic damage, the weaker staff being 4 and the stronger one being 10. Each armor piece adds magic bonus, but we'll discuss that in detail later. How do I get these armor sets and staves? There are different ways to obtain each item. Some through crafting and others mob drops. I have implemented a new crafting method and I'll explain that below. Altar Crafting What is Altar Crafting? Altar crafting may look complex but it's very simple. It's basically like a crafting table, except that it's not. You need to have certain items in certain slots of your hotbar and right click the Altar in order to craft the new item. How to get there? The altar is available at /warp temple Armor Sets: Apprentice Robes These are the basic robes. They give +1 magic boost per piece worn, giving a total of +4 magic bonus with the whole set equiped. They can be crafted by having either 5 (Hood), 8 (Robe Top), 7 (Robe Legs), 4 (Boots) pieces of enchanted fabric in your hand and right clicking the altar. Ancient Robes These are the stronger robes. They give +1 magic boost for the hood, +4 for the robe top, +3 for the robe legs and +1 for robe boots, adding up to a +9 magic boost with the whole set equipped. This set cannot be crafted. Instead this set has a chance to drop after slaying the new Mini Boss General Graardor that has a spawn to chance at night with other zombies. Staves: Elemental Staves Basic staves. These have a base 6 magic damage and are craftable in the regular crafting table. These also have right click abilities, costing 2 runes of said element to use. - Air Staff: Launches u up a few blocks - Fire Staff: Gives 10 seconds of Fire Res - Water Staff: Gives 10 seconds of Underwater Breathing Ancient Staff The strongest staff. This staff has a base 10 magic damage and is craftable with a mixture of regular crafting and altar crafting. Requires the Unimbued Staff and the Ancient Crystal. To craft right click the altar with the crystal on your offhand and the staff on the main hand. Runes: Runes are currently used as a crafting material and for now have no other use. To craft an elemental rune the second ingredient always has to be on slot 9 of the hotbar Blank Rune The base for every rune, crafted like this: Fire Rune Elemental rune, crafted via Altar Crafting like this: Water Rune Elemental rune, crafted via Altar Crafting like this: Air Rune Elemental rune, crafted via Altar Crafting like this: Ancient Rune Ancient rune, crafted via Altar Crafting like this: Special Items: Ancient Crystal Used to craft the Ancient Staff. Craftable via the Altar Crafting, for now, like this: Mage Book Utility Item. Pushes nearby enemies away when activated. Can be crafted via Altar like this: Mage Staff Top Used to craft the Unimbued Staff. This staff part is not craftable itself and as a chance to drop from slaying an Ancient Paladin Mage Staff Middle Used to craft the Unimbued Staff. This staff part is craftable with 2 pieces of Enchanted Wood. Mage Staff Bottom Used to craft the Unimbued Staff. This staff part is not craftable itself and as a chance to drop from slaying an Ancient Archer Unimbued Staff Used to craft the Ancient Staff. Craftable on a regular crafting table with all the staff parts. Other Items: Enchanted Fabric Fabric used to create the Apprentice Robes set. Crafted like this: Enchanted Compass Used to find Ancient Paladins and Archers. Has a chance to drop after killing either of them. Enchanted Axe Used to obtain Enchanted Wood. Has a chance to drop after killing an Ancient Paladin Has the durability of a golden axe. Can be enchanted on an enchantment table. Enchanted Wood Used to craft the Mage Staff Middle. Has a low chance to drop when chopping a oak logs with the Enchanted Axe. Bestiary Ancient Paladin Health: 60 Has a chance to spawn along with other zombies. Drops: - Ancient Axe - Enchanted Compass - Mage Staff Top Ancient Archer Health: 60 Has a chance to spawn along with other skeletons. Drops: - Enchanted Compass - Mage Staff Bottom General Graardor (Mini Boss) Health: 120 Has a chance to spawn along with other zombies. Very powerful enemy that will inflict blindness and slow when in contact with players. Drops: - Ancient Hood - Ancient Robe Top - Ancient Robe Legs - Ancient Boots Whats next? I'm planning to add a couple more things later down the road, those being extra staves and maybe a boss battle. That's about it! If you have any questions just let me know! For any bugs or suggestions please message me on discord. You can talk to me in game but make sure after we talk you send your bug report or suggestion to discord. I easily forget and it's easier to keep track of things if they're on a discord chat. Alternatively fill this form to submit any bugs, feedback or suggestions! Thanks!
  3. Hey guys, I realized in survival we should be able to protect our houses with a plugin, because earlier today X6er just flew in my house and placed a lot of tnt and a lever, but he didn't blow it up. In the future though, I want to feel like my house is protected. Here is one for 1.8.1: Thanks.