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  1. Specifications: Intel Core i7-4710HQ (Quad-Core 2.5GHz) 8GB DDR3 SDRAM Intel HD Graphics 4600 & NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M 512GB PCIe SSD
  2. My highscore is 15000. Beat me, I dare you to.
  3. The most intense Pokemon fight ever.
    1. haloman30


      You made a status update o.o

    2. GuitarXpress


      its so intense man D:

    3. Dialga


      OMFG it should have been a shiny

  4. Hmmm since you guys are open to suggestions, how about the mcMMO plugin? I love that plugin, it's incredible. Or maybe the timber plugin? Not really necessary but can be useful...And since you guys have added the interactive map of the server, is it possible to implement a chat system within it that connects to the server so you can actually chat from the map itself without logging into minecraft? Not sure if that's possible, probably not, but just an idea that ought to be awesome >: And we post suggestions by replying to this topic right? Since you said you guys are open to suggestions, I'm under the assumption that we would give you the said suggestions by replying to this topic...And that concludes my...suggestions...*flies away*
  5. Ivory

    Torchlight 2

    Anyone here plays torchlight II? It's an ARPG, a little cartoonish, but enjoyable. The classes are embermage, outlander (range), berserker, and engineer. If you download and play with the synergies mod, there are two extra classes, necromancer and paladin I believe. You can get it on steam for $19 in steam >:
  6. The /feed command for farmer plus makes sense, considering that on the previous server, the VIP rank, which is equivalent to farmer, had /feed. They also had other commands such as /craft, 3 /sethomes, /back and such. Granted the farmer rank now have /hat, but since this is now a premium server, where premium accounts can change their skin to their liking, the command /hat kind of defeats the purpose. So adding more permissions to the said ranks would be reasonable. Just thought I'd put my opinion in this matter.
  7. Username: cobra3947 (I go by Ivory though ) Your youtube video link?: Do you already have a Donation Rank?: Yes.
  8. This is like my favorite movie of all times, Hugo Weaving played his role perfectly :3 Seriously, if you haven't seen this movie you have not lived O.O No words can describe how awesome it is!
  9. woo dont know how u guys use dem 'spoilers'
  10. so that was what day i decided to come check CU out than when it didnt work i panicked, only to find hurricane craft, then they told me everyone lots of u guys stopped playing...then i found boik, who leads me to this server :3 Anywayyys u need premium minecraft to play in this server? Is that ever going to change, or am I going to have to buy premium in order to play in the server?