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  1. now espon playing counter strike fuck all
  2. fuck the logic serius X6er stop whit the fucking counter strike
  3. dafuck im missing and X6 serius stop playing cs:go
  4. Thanks and have a lot of fun in cu
  5. It will be a honor play whit new people but right now i cant
  6. Sorry for the bad letters i make the post on mi phone
  7. Sorry guys vut om having some problems i just leaving for sometime slthe server but dont worry im gonna go back im just gonna clear my mind so see ya all people i leave the the responsabiliti of ni town to X6 em_aru and noble please take good care of mu town guys
  8. see this photo of the new animatronic finally theres see the new fnaf is going to be a good scare game time to wait october 31 of 2015 now lets see if is going to me a really jumpscare hehehehe
  9. surival world reset is a good idea
  10. this is serius
  11. ok ok sorry im not in the time you ban me well i connect i was already ban so sorry
  12. kevin189102


    What is your Minecraft username?kevin189102 Why were you banned?grief Who banned you?haloman30 Why should you be unbanned?because i decide to be a new me to change Is there anything else you want to say?no What would you do if you were unbanned?change mi mode of mi personality and forget all the damage i do