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CU Updates #8 - ND Closing, CU Forums Re-opening

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Hello fellow members of Chaotic United and Nuclear District. A very sad and regretful event is now causing us to return here.


Today, the admins at Nuclear District announced the end of ND. Services will be shutting down, and eventually the forums with it. While the spark of ND's admins has dwindled, our spark has not.


While Nuclear District will be ending, Chaotic United will continue with our endeavours.


As per the agreement with ND admins, the entirety of Nuclear District's forum threads will be moved here (though it may be under a generic user account).


For those who haven't seen the ND topic yet:

On 8/7/2016 at 6:31 AM, Alex said:

Dear members,


About two and a half years ago we set out to build a new gaming community, one that would be a fresh start from Chaotic United. We had a very optimistic vision, one involving a small but close-knit playerbase that came together and shared their experiences on our self-hosted game servers. Despite the challenges that we faced, we managed to set up a friendly environment that we hope many enjoyed. You, the community, have played countless hours on our servers. We appreciate all of you who shared this experience with us, from those that loyally stuck with our group from Chaotic United, to the eager newcomers who joined Nuclear District.


All of us, the administration team and community members, have poured our hearts and souls into Chaotic United and Nuclear District. However, the spark that once was is dwindling. It is with enormous regret that we announce that Nuclear District will be closing its doors and saying goodbye. We know that many have moved on in their busy lives, and we wish each and every one of you the greatest success in all of your endeavors going forward. It has been a pleasure and an honor to work with you to push this vision forward. Through this journey we have gotten to know many new people, and we hope you all stay in touch.


For that purpose, we have set up a Discord server for those who wish to remain in contact with the community and its staff. Our aim is to set up a simple, independent platform for everyone to communicate and game. Currently, a handful of us are using Discord to play games such as Rocket League and Brawlhalla. We hope that many of you join us. We are looking forward to finding new games and people to play them with.


If you wish to join us on Discord, please follow this link for an instant invite:

Discord is a super simple platform to get accustomed to, it offers both chat and voice functionality.


Nuclear District was founded on the 7th of February, 2014. The phase-out process has begun as of the time this thread was publicized. Services will start to be shut down, and the forums will be locked at some point. Once the forums are closed, will direct to a message explaining the closure of the community. Eventually, the link will redirect to our Discord instant invite link. At some point, we will decide that it is appropriate to allow the domain to expire.


On a side note, please rest assured that we are taking the appropriate steps to ensure that all encrypted login and personal information are erased.


Once again thank you, and good luck in your futures, inside and outside of the gaming world.



The Nuclear District Team:

Adam, Alex, Nikhil, Ryan


Some forums may be read only, and that means we haven't gotten to them yet. There may also be a few hiccups and missing features as we upgrade to IPB4. Additionally, any skins available on ND will also be available here.


Remember, even with ND closing, we will always remain United.

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Follow up!


All applications and plugins have been added. The forums are officially online! The only bug left is the Staff Online sidebar block not working, but we expect to get that working here shortly.


Welcome back to CU everybody!


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I am very sad to see it go. But I can say this will give us the opertunity to be a whole again! Wooh GO Chaotic United!

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