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If you prefer your Survival experience to be a bit closer to Vanilla, and don't want any custom content getting in your way - this is the place for you. It's typical Survival, with economy and a few convenience features, but that's it. No crazy ranks, no custom content.

Play with: /warp sv

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Wish you could be in the top 1%? See how high you can climb the economic ladder through a variety of means - defeating mobs, mining ores, and selling XP are some of the ways you can earn.

Player Shops

Come across more valuables than you know what to do with? Sell them! You can build large physical shops in the world, or you can also auction items using /market!

Grief Protection

Don't want your hard work being destroyed? Claim it! Chests, furnaces, signs, and most containers are protected automatically using LWC. To keep builds safe, grab a Wooden Shovel and follow the instructions that are shown!