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Mojang's EULA - Obey or Reject?

Mojang's EULA  

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  1. 1. Obey or reject?

    • Obey. We cannot risk it.
    • Reject. We will never get caught!

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We are currently in a bit of a predicament.


Mojang has changed its EULA a while back to basically disallow servers from having Pay-to-Win setups.


We are technically infringing upon those guidelines with our selling of ranks.


The consequences of being caught will end with our server being blacklisted and no player will be able to connect, without a modified MC launcher. Right now we are wanting to maximize our potential influx of players and requiring a modded launcher will definitely not help matters. There have been internal discussions, and we are divided between obeying to not risk it at all, or going against because we most likely won't get caught to begin with. Whether or not we will get caught is up in the air, but what is certain is that if we ARE caught, we WILL be blacklisted.


The part of the EULA that pertains to us:



With hosting servers we want to enable the community to make money by creating, hosting and maintaining servers for Minecraft, so you may do this subject to these Guidelines. You may have seen the Blog post on server monetization and the follow up Q&A This section of these Guidelines clarifies them. By "server," we mean a single connecting address or IP number.

Therefore, if you comply with and follow the Brand and Asset Usage Guidelines and Naming Guidelines above YOU MAY:

  • charge for access to your server, including a server which hosts your Mods, BUT only if:
    • you make a single charge per person that is the same for everyone;
    • you give everyone you charge, access to all the Mods that you choose to have on your server (except only in respect of genuine admin tools / admin Mods which should be reserved to administrators);
    • you only give access to your server to users who have a genuine paid for version of Minecraft;
    • you own or control the server and continue to do so for the whole time that you charge for access to it - so, if you sell the actual servers or server space with Mods pre-installed on them, you must ensure that the person buying the server is aware that she must follow these rules. Essentially you can't get round the rules above by setting up servers with Mods on and then selling those set-ups; and
    • overall your access charges should be targeted to cover your operational costs of running the server.
  • ask for donations (as opposed to direct charges) IF you do not offer the individual donor something in exchange that only he or she can use. You may offer server wide rewards if donation goals are achieved though.
  • sell cosmetic items, except for "Capes", IF the item sold does not give a user an unfair gameplay advantage over anyone else on the server - i.e there can be no "pay to win".
  • sell positive effects or enhancements (other than "Capes") IF everyone on the server is positively affected in exactly the same way.
  • provide in-game advertising opportunities, sponsorships, or product placement for 3rd parties IF they don't degrade or interfere with gameplay or give a user an unfair gameplay advantage over anyone else on the server.
  • use in-game currencies IF (i) they are "soft currencies" i.e. a currency earned or expended only through gameplay that has no real world value and that cannot be cashed out, used or transferred across free or paid servers, or converted into "credits"; and (ii) you don't give the impression that it comes from or is associated with Mojang.

In all of these cases above YOU MUST also ensure that:

  • all servers, items and advertising are suitable for the target audience (i.e no gambling, pornography etc.) and don't damage the Brand.
  • you don't pretend to be us or claim to have any association with us (for example, when selling product placement opportunities);
  • you are explicit about who to contact about the server, who the operator is, and that it is NOT Mojang, NOT associated with Mojang and NOT supported by Mojang;
  • Mojang has no liability for anything on the server or that happens on it, including any advertising, purchases or donations;
  • you provide any user who gives you money an online payment /purchase history;
  • you are transparent on informing users with regard to all the content and pricing applicable to your server before a person joins, signs up or logs in;
  • you do not host or distribute malware, spyware, or engage in illegal activity through your server;
  • you comply with all other laws and requirements; and
  • you comply with any other additional requirements applicable under these Guidelines.


This basically means that stuff like /fly, /god, /item and a ton more will be cut from the ranks - and that existing donors will lose it too.


Depending on the outcome of this poll, we will be having future polls to determine the most painless way of moving forward.


Vote away, my friends!

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