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Minecraft Worlds

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Looking to find some older worlds found our MC server? Grab them here!

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    Minecraft 1.18 Test Server World

    This is a world used for the internal testing server, used to test CUBungee's cross-server warp and teleportation features, among other things. During the testing period, some users (such as @TheHumanMachine_YT and @esponshadow1) began playing on the world as a survival server. This behavior later resulted in the introduction of our Vanilla gamemode. While this world will continue to be used for testing on newer versions, the server is no longer publicly accessible without being properly whitelisted.
    You cannot take this map, or any structures within it, and run it in your own server or someone else's. This is only for those who wants to continue their projects on it instead of having to start over in single player mode. Breaking this rule will result in your download privileges being permanently suspended and could result in your account being banned.


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    CU Beta 1.7.3 World (2011)

    This is the oldest known surviving world from Chaotic United. It's a copy of the Survival world, as of Beta 1.7.3. The download does not contain a Nether world.
    The screenshots were taken in MC 1.11.2, so there may be some minor differences due to biomes and other technical changes with Minecraft. The original save within the download has never been loaded in anything besides Beta 1.7.3 - so don't worry .
    This file is available thanks to Kendev, as he uploaded it initially on PlanetMinecraft - go show him some love here:

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    Brink of Chaos - 2016-2018 World

    This is the Brink of Chaos world from 2016 to August 2018. The map is designed for the Brink of Chaos modpack available on the Technic Launcher. As with any other world upload, there are a few guidelines:
    Do not reupload to any website without haloman30's permission Do not use this world on your own server Do not use any part of this world on your own server Do not claim this map as your own creation.


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