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CU Updates #20 - A New MC Server, CU Launcher now in Open Beta

MC Beta 1.7.3 Server  

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  1. 1. Are you interesting in playing our Beta 1.7.3 server?

    • Heck yeah! I love some good nostalgic fun!
    • I may check it out
    • Eh, not my cup of tea
  2. 2. If you are cracked, do you find any need in using our cracked launcher? (be honest, we won't get offended)

    • Yes! You've made it where I can play again!
    • Nope, I have one already.

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Hey everyone!


Something that has sort of been an experiment of sorts for a while is now finally being released to the public - CU's Beta 1.7.3 server!


"Do what? A beta 1.7.3 server? Y tho" - You see, for so long, I have seen many of these Beta 1.7.3 servers pop up for a bit, then a month or two later, they are gone - never to be seen again. I discussed this on a recent livestream, but allow me to reiterate some of my thinking here.


What I think happens is that when someone creates one of these servers, it is all done out of sheer nostalgic feelings - feelings that don't last. They whip something up quickly on their home PC, post an IP on MinecraftForums or PMC, and play for a bit until they get bored or tired of doing it, and then bam. That's the end of it.


I have opted to bring this server to life to counter that, and to give those seeking some nostalgia a place to go. As time goes forward, and as our main server expands and grows, this server will continue to be left as it is for those times when someone just wants to play old MC online. Even if that time is short, we will be here for that brief period.



Enough banter, what's the server like?


The server, being on an older MC version, is a fairly simple server. It is aimed to recreate the old days of MC survival in its purest form. There are some enhancements, however. ChestShop and an Economy system are in place to add just a little bit of spiff to the experience.


In addition, there are several ranks on the server. Member, Advanced, and VIP. You can find out more about those ranks and the staff ranks here.


How can I join?


You can join the server by going into the launcher, setting your game version to old-beta 1.7.3, and connecting to



CU Launcher


That's right folks! We have developed our own in-house cracked launcher. It is fully capable as a Minecraft launcher, but there are a couple things you should know.

  • Premium authentication is not currently supported
  • Using this launcher will clear your existing login data in the official launcher. Again - do not use this launcher if you are Premium.


These are all things that we plan to fix for the official release. As the topic title suggests, this is an open beta test. There may be bugs and other issues. If you find any issues, report them to us immediately.


You can grab the launcher here: 


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