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About this blog

Contains various information regarding fixes to the MC server, Forums, or other CU services.

Entries in this blog


9/4/17 Update

This update also includes changes from August 6, 2017 to now


+ Added "Store [BETA]" tab to navigation menu

+ Launched beta test of the CU Merch store

+ Added Reactions (Content Ratings)

+ Added Clubs

* Modified Navigation menu to show Members, Leaderboard, and Calendar under a Community dropdown item to allow for better compatiability with classic CU themes

* Fixed old PayPal method to link to the new CU PayPal account

* Made some backend changes to help prepare for upcoming site features for when CU relaunches

* Fixed various issues with classic CU themes (will be brought to Nostalgia at a later date)

* Improved Chaotic Blue and Chaotic Green themes to have old-style quote boxes (will be brought to Nostalgia at a later date)

* Improved Chaotic Blue and Chaotic Green shoutbox appearance (will be brought to Nostalgia at a later date)

* Made legacy Store items inaccessible - Demora's, MC Ranks, MC Currency Packs, and Misc. Donations. These can still be purchased at the MC Donation Store

* Updated to IP.Board 4.2

- Removed "Stripe" payment method - this method was used for Demoria and is no longer used

- Removed Killerteddy


A small change was applied to the forums.


+ Added new emoticons (see spoiler)

- Removed Killerteddy


New Emoticons:


:karate:- Karate

:bb: - Bomb

:banned: - Banned

:sos-help: - SOS/Help

:pirate:- Pirate

:girl-kiss:- Girl Kissing

:couple-kiss:- Couple in Love

:toast:- Toast

:santa:- Santa

:first_move:- First Move

:violin:- Violin

:girl_cray2:- Girl Crazy

:girl_hospital:- Girl Hospital

:girl_wacko:- Girl Wacko

:peace:- Peace

:linux-best-os:- Linux best OS

:yes:- Yes



This update also includes changes from April 23, 2017 to now


* Updated timeline

* Promoted Alycat to Owner

* Demoted Wind to Veteran

- Removed WF theme (only accessible by admins)

- Removed Killerteddy


An update has hit the community overall.



- Removed 50 content count requirement from Staff Applications


+ Added FastLogin

+ Added AuthMe

+ Added ProtocolSupport

* Set server to offline-mode

- Removed Alycat

- Removed Killerteddy


+ Added PropHunt to sidebar (

* Updated main website to reflect the past few days

* Upgraded forums to

- Removed ci833508

- Removed Alycat

- Removed Killerteddy


This update also reflects changes from the past few days prior to this update.


+ Re-merged with WindFrontier

+ Added TTT to sidebar

+ Restored status updates, posts, and topics created by Alycat - Aly deleted them for unknown reasons

+ Restored ci833058's forum account - Aly deleted it for unknown reasons

+ Made the WindFrontier forum theme public once again

* Promoted BlarFlargen back to Manager

* Promoted AwakenedRage back to Administrator

* Promoted Windwhistle to TTT Owner

* Renamed TTT Owner to SRC Owner

- Demoted ci833508 to Veteran

- Demoted Alycat to Veteran

- Removed Killerteddy


+ Merged with WindFrontier

+ Added new rank: TTT Owner

+ Added new theme: WindFrontier

+ Added new subforum: Trouble in Terrorist Town

- Removed Alycat

- Removed Killerteddy


This is a bugfix update, and is mostly focused on the MC server (however some small tweaks were made to the main webpage)



+ Added new plugin: ChatControl

+ Added a chat filtering system to block most URL's (several are excluded) and all variations of the N word. In addition, swastika symbols are blocked as well

+ Added aliases for /bal and /baltop to point to /money and /money top

* Modified several announcements to be more correct and helpful

* Disallowed false economy status from /money top

- Removed TS3 from ingame announcements

- Removed Killerteddy



- Removed the secondary navigation menu as it served no purpose.


We're back, baby!
+ New Hub spawn
+ New Survival spawn
+ New Creative spawn
+ New SkyBlock spawn

+ New plugin: NDParkour

+ New plugin: CraftBook
+ New plugin: UltimateCosmetics

+ Added a cosmetic Aura for each rank

* Modified /list to be more organized, all Staff and Donator ranks are merged into a single category

* [Veteran] rank changed to [Retired] to end confusion between the MC and Forums rank

* Ingame /rules command replaced with the MC rules that can be found on the site (old rules can be viewed by doing /oldrules)
- Removed Killerteddy
+ Added new theme styles
+ Added special Nuclear District theme, based off of the ND website
+ Added a video background to the homepage
+ Added TeamSpeak server status to the homepage
+ Added an about page
+ Added Twitch feeds page
+ Added a DMCA protection badge to the entire website
+ Obtained domain name
+ Obtained NuclearDistrict IP.Board license
+ Added a Veterans page (only memorable old staff who cannot be forgotten - #GoodbyeND)
+ Added a credits page, crediting all of those who had a direct or indirect impact on Chaotic United's legacy

+ Added an awesome video to the homepage
* Forums navigation tab is now Community, as a dropdown with community elements
* Modified Theme editor to be in a tab layout, to prevent the editor from going off the screen
* Moved old themes into a 'Classic Themes' tab

- Removed Community Focus section, replaced with a button to go to forums, similar to the first ND website
- Removed Killerteddy

+ Added new theme 'Windows Classic'
+ Added new theme 'Dawn - Light'
+ Added new theme 'Dawn- Dark'
+ Added new theme 'Chaotic United - 2016'

+ Added new theme: Nostalgia

+ Added new theme: United AlyCraft

+ Added new theme: Chaotic Blue

+ Added forum 'TeamSpeak 3'
+ Added forum 'Garry's Mod'
+ Added forum 'TeamFortress 2'

+ Added forum icons to every forum
* Migrated all forum threads from NuclearDistrict into the CU forums
* Updated profile content count to account for ND threads
- Removed Killerteddy


5/7/2016 Update

An update has hit the website, MC server, and Store!
+ Added new plugin "CratesPlus"
+ Added Survey completion crates
+ Added Tier 1-6 Crates
+ Added new donation store category "Exclusives"
+ Added new donation store category "Disguises"
+ Added various disguises to store
+ Added new Helpcenter topic "Redeemable Codes"
* Modified the homepage, removed the Carousel, added a 'What is Chaotic United?' section
- Removed Killerteddy


4/28/16 Update

A small yet crucial change has hit the Minecraft server.
+ Added AuthMe
* Disabled Premium account registration/login (no login commands for premium users)
- Removed LoginSecurity
As a cracked user, you should log into the server and create a password IMMEDIATELY! Your account will be completely unprotected until you do so. If you are premium, you can now enjoy the benefits of no more /register or /login!


3/27/2016 Update

An small hotfix has hit the MC server and CU website.
+ Added new CU IP and entry in Info block:
* Fixed CU and ND staff pages HTML layouts
* Updated Staff/Builders



3/24/2016 Update

An update has been applied to the Minecraft server.
+ Added RandomTP (do /rtp in Survival or Factions to go somewhere random)
+ Added a FirstJoin spawn area to help newbies learn basic server information
+ Added a Factions kit for use in factions (/kit factions)
+ Added web helpcenter
* Moved server back to the VPS
* Unlocked the rest of spawn
* Cleaned up backend of server to improve disk usage
- Removed unecessary files
- Removed Killerteddy


2/2/2016 Update

First update of 2016!
A small update has been applied to the website, and some changes have hit the CU gameservers lately.
Website Changelog:
+ Added Gmod, TF2, and Modded MC services to the Info box
* Restricted colors on the homepage, retained specific colors and changed their names to 'Themes'
- Removed World of Warcraft from services list (for now)
Gameserver Changelog:
+ Purchased Dedicated Server (ty alycat)
+ Setup BungeeCord for future plans on MC
+ Added SkyWars (is not configured entirely just yet)
+ Added MCMyAdmin web backend
+ Created Modded MC server
+ Created custom Modpack: Brink of Chaos (originally named Dawn of Chaos but it already exists ._.)
+ Added custom plugin: CUXPSell
* Moved Alycat to 'Owner' rank on forums and server
* Moved all MC files to the Dedicated Server
* Configured the Dedicated Server (ty Michael/AwakenedRage)
- Removed Factions
- Removed Killerteddy


11/22/2015 Update

An update has been applied to the MC server.
+ Added new plugin 'BattleArena2'
+ Added new plugin 'Stats'
+ Added new plugin 'BattleTracker'
+ Prepared addition of 'Capture the Flag'
+ Prepared addition of a Hunger Games - like mode
+ Prepared addition of '1v1'
* Modified CUEmotes and CUTermites to use permissions
* Certain emotes have been removed from normal member use
* Added a new 'AdminEmotes' list for staff to use the removed emotes


An epic update has been applied to the whole network.
+ Reintroduced the Minecraft Livemap, seen at
+ Enabled Votifier and fixed all existing CU server entries
+ Added new IP:
+ Added new IP:
+ Added new domain:
+ Reactivated IP:
* Migrated to haloman30's domain account for better management
* Made some backend changes to improve URL displaying (no more index.php?/pages/index.html)
* Migrated the Minecraft server to a VPS (donate guys I can't keep this shit online by myself)


The Chaotic United homepage has been updated. + Added 'Community Focus' section
+ Added 'Services' section
+ Re-added the 'Administration' section
+ Added a small section for quick notices
* Replaced the 'Gaming Community' subtitle with random 'splash' text
- Removed all types of cheese (Cheddar, Blue, Mozzarella, Goat, Stupidity) 


A small update has been applied to the CU Website. * Staff menu entry was changed to a dropdown, and now displays links to the CU Staff and ND staff
* Recent Forum Activity has been changed to Latest News, which now displays as full posts, but only 4 posts display
* Made some minor backend tweaks to the system, no frontend changes should be noticeable 


9/21/2015 Update

+ Added TeamSparkle
+ Added SwornRPG
+ Added CUEmotes
+ Added CUPortals
+ Added Termites
+ Added extra security to OpenCreative, where you must obtain a (free) WorldGuarded region to be able to build
* Brought all updates thus far to Planet Minecraft
* PlotMe Creative temporarily disabled due to world crashes
* Temporarily disabled all Minigames until bungeecord implementation (at the latest)
* Updated permissions for all ranks Advertiser -> Helper to disable itemspawn, gamemode, etc. in worlds besides survival
- Removed SwornNations
- Removed Factions (due to being broken)
- Removed MyPets (due to being broken)
- Removed DisguiseCraft (due to being broken)
- Removed ListChatColors
- Cancelled PlotMassive (210x210 plot sizes)
- Removed Killerteddy


9/20/2015 Hotfix

* Enabled Changelogs (updates thus far will be pasted to PMC later)
* Updated Planet MineCraft server listing
* Prepared implementation of MegaCreative (210x210 plot sizes)
- Removed Killerteddy


9/10/2015 Update

An update has been applied to the forums, site, and more.


+ Added new skin 'Elemental'
+ Added new skin 'Spark'
+ Added new skin 'Chaotic Metro'
+ Added new skin 'Chaotic Metro (Dark)'
+ Added advertisements for demo purposes
+ Added a page full of ads (because I was bored) (DISABLE ADBLOCK TO SEE THEM ALL)
* Setup a new IP.Board to be used at United AlyCraft
* Modified Chaotic v3 to use the default navigation menu, extra 'Quick Navigation' and 'View New Content' buttons appear as a result
* Updated rules page
* Made backend preparations to allow IP.Board usage from site root, to possibly have a synchronized home/forums experience in the future (but don't count on it)
* Made backend preparations to set this forum as a test board for new applications/hooks on the primary CU/ND forums
* Re-enabled purchasing items from Subscriptions and IP.Nexus
- Removed irreparable content
- Removed Killerteddy

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