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Services & Projects

Details about all past and present projects by Chaotic United.

Inactive Projects

The projects and services listed here are no longer in operation. Many likely will not resume operation again, and no support will be given for them. They are documented here for historical purposes only.

To view our current active projects and services, see the page linked below.

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Minecraft Modded - Brink of Chaos

Brink of Chaos was Chaotic United's first Modded MC server, and was built using a custom modpack. It was operated until 2020, and was later succeeded by the Age of Rebirth Modded MC server.

Service Lifetime

June 2017 - January 2020

ElDewrito Servers

In April 2018, a community mod for Halo Online called ElDewrito took off abruptly in popularity - thanks to its groundbreaking 0.6 release. At the time, it was the closest that PC players had to Halo 3 on PC.

The 0.6 update featured not only classic Halo 3-style gameplay, but also a rich assortment of community features. It's Forge mode was significantly upgraded from what base Halo 3 had to offer, there was an in-game console, dedicated servers could be hosted - it seemed like an almost perfect release, all made by the talented Halo modding community. As such, we stepped our toes in and hosted 3 servers: a Grifball server, a Forge server, and a Big Team Battle server. The Grifball server was the most active by far.

Unfortunately, this community mod was not well received by Microsoft - who stepped in to ensure that no further development or distribution could be done. As such, the population plummeted - though the popularity of this would eventually lead towards the Master Chief Collection coming to PC.

With the popularity of ElDewrito dying down, and due to sub-optimal hardware and repeated crashing, we shut down our servers formally in May of 2019. Some elements of the Grifball server were carried forward to the Minecraft server a few years later - the Island and Sorting Area Grifblock maps were both originally made in ElDewrito.

Service Lifetime

April 2018 - May 2019

Nuclear District

Minecraft Server - Nuclear District v1

Nuclear District's original Minecraft server was launched in early 2014 and was operated until November 2014, where it was closed due to a lack of interest from both the community, and from the staff team.

Service Lifetime

February 2014 - November 2014

TeamSpeak 3 - Nuclear District

At the launch of Nuclear District, a TeamSpeak 3 server was launched alongside its Minecraft server. It operated for the entire lifetime of Nuclear District.

Service Lifetime

February 2014 - August 2016

Minecraft Modded - NDPack (Flans Mod for Nuclear District)

Nuclear District's first Modded MC server was made using a custom modpack. This server was extremely short-lived and was succeeded by the Resonant Rise modded server.

Service Lifetime


Minecraft Modded - Resonant Rise

Nuclear District's second Modded MC server was available during 2014, and was made using the Resonant Rise modpack. It was quietly shut down before 2015.

Service Lifetime


Minecraft Server - Nuclear District v2

In 2015, Nuclear District launched an a brand new Survival MC server. It was during the lifetime of this server that Chaotic United and Nuclear District merged. As a result of the merge, the ND Survival server saw decreased traffic - as most players gravitated towards Chaotic United's offering. As such, the Survival server was closed a bit over a month after its launch.

Service Lifetime

July 2015 - August 2015

Minecraft Modded - FTB Trident

In 2015, Nuclear District also launched a new Modded MC server, using the FTB Trident modpack. It was operated until July, where the decision was made to switch over to FTB Horizons: Daybreaker instead - as a more Survival-focused modpack made more sense for the community than a PvP-based one.

Service Lifetime

June 2015 - July 2015

Minecraft Modded - FTB Horizons

Nuclear District's final Modded MC server was launched in July 2015, after the closure of the FTB Trident server. It was closed by August 2015.

Service Lifetime

July 2015 - August 2015

Garry's Mod - Nuclear District

In 2016, Nuclear District launched a Garry's Mod server. It was operated until the closure of Nuclear District in August 2016.

Service Lifetime

March 2016 - August 2016

Team Fortress 2 - Nuclear District

In 2016, Nuclear District launched its Team Fortress 2 server, which featured a variety of standard gamemodes. It was operated until the closure of Nuclear District in August 2016.

Service Lifetime

January 2016 - August 2016

Left 4 Dead 2 - Nuclear District

In 2016, Nuclear District launched what would be its final new service - a Left 4 Dead 2 server. It was operated until the closure of Nuclear District in August 2016.

Service Lifetime

April 2016 - August 2016


Nuclear District first launched its official Plug.DJ service in October 2014, managed primarily by Kendev. It continued to operate until Plug.DJ closed down temporarily, where it was replaced by Dubtrack.FM.


The service temporarily returned after Plug.DJ made a surprise return, once again under the oversight of Kendev - however once again, the service eventually closed down, seemingly for good. The official links to the page were finally removed in October of 2021, 7 years after it was originally created.

Service Lifetime

October 2014 - October 2021


After the initial closure of Plug.DJ, a Dubtrack.FM page was set up for Nuclear District. It remained online for the rest of Dubtrack.FM's lifespan, even after Plug.DJ relaunched.


After Dubtrack.FM's closure, the page link was removed alongside Plug.DJ's link in October of 2021.

Service Lifetime

2016 - October 2021

Old Chaotic United

RuneScape Server

Chaotic United's RuneScape (RSPS) server was among Chaotic United's first gameservers. It featured a number of custom items, as well as custom NPCs from other popular franchises.

Service Lifetime

2011 - 2012

World of Warcraft Server - Edge of Chaos

Chaotic United's World of Warcraft server was a project developed largely by Stoneharry, and was given the name 'Edge of Chaos'. It featured 100% custom content made to meet and/or exceed that of Blizzard's own creations, using World of Warcraft as a base for something truly unique. The server closed in 2012, and the files for Edge of Chaos were made public in 2014.

Service Lifetime

2011 - 2012

TeamSpeak 3 - Old Chaotic United

The old Chaotic United had a TeamSpeak 3 server to allow for real-time voice chat within the community. It was operated for the entire lifetime of the old Chaotic United.

Service Lifetime

2011 - 2014

Minecraft Server - Old Chaotic United

Chaotic United's original Minecraft server was started in 2011 and eventually became the primary gameserver for the community. For the vast majority of its lifespan, it was largely Survival-focused - though additional gamemodes and features were introduced near the end of its life.

Service Lifetime

2011 - 2014

Habbo Hotel Server

For a brief time, Chaotic United experimented with a self-hosted Habbo Hotel private server (commonly known as a Habbo Retro). Due to its lack of popularity and activity, very little information remains available online about this server.


No server files, videos, screenshots, or other information are known today.

Service Lifetime