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Rank Addon?

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Good day ND!

I recently played on a server that had this plugin that allowed a death keep of sorts for donators.
This plugin had three options for players to choose from;
1. On death, a locked chest appears that stores your dropped items.

2. This option just enabled Keep Inventory for the given player

3. Set a chest with a command that stores items when you die. eg: in your home.


I was wondering, if this could be implemented if you thought it be a good idea?
I for one am all for it as I often die upon login as I have a slow connection and mobs tend to feast upon my non-responsive player.
The plugin also allows for specific repercussions for death such as an effect on the items like durability loss or XP loss.

This is just a suggestion and as per usual I accept any comments and responses towards it.


Thank you!


Links for few plugins:
Option One - Okay Rep.   (Keep Items Plugin.)

Option Two - Average Rep. (Tombstone, Clever Plugin.)

Option Three - Good Rep. (DeathChest, Reliable and Server Conscious.)  This allows you to set a chest in your base with a command. Any chest of your choice.

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Guest GuitarXpress

I like the idea, its very useful specialy when ur constantly getting killed by ghasts and blazes on the nether cuz of lag and u dunno where ur stuff is

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Might have to add such thing for master+ as they are not able to drop items and will lose them on death. We'll consider it for low ranks aswell if it's on high demand.

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