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Forum and Teamspeak Rules


Forum Rules

  • No Double Posting - Your posts will be merged, however if you try to get around the limitation you will be warned.
  • No Explicit Content - You'll receive a warning level and your post will be removed.
  • No Flaming Players/Staff - You'll receive a warning level.
  • No Advertising - If you're advertising a different server, you'll be IP Banned without warning.
  • No Links - Posting any links that you might make money from will be removed and you'll receive a warning level. 
  • No Spamming - If you're seen spamming threads, you'll receive a warning level.
  • No Low Quality Posts - Please try to use grammar in your posts. If you're caught posting more then one LQPs you will receive a warning level.
  • Reputation Abuse - Do not abuse reputation. Abusing reputation would be asking for reputation or mass adding reputation to users. You will receive a 50% warning level.
  • Suggestions Forum Abuse - Do not abuse the Suggestions forum. It is for suggestions ONLY. You will receive a warning level.
  • Signature Size - Your signature cannot be too large so its larger then your comments.

These rules are subject to change, and can be changed at any time without prior notice.



Rules regarding download links:


Following things are illigal and will be removed when posted:


  • Free Games (such as Battlefield, that are downloadable for free)
  • Cracked versions of programs such as Fraps
  • Operating Systems, such as free Windows 7 download etc...
  • Movie downloads (not paid or non-licensed sellers/resellers)
  • Music downloads (not paid or non-licensed sellers/resellers)
  • Any other copyright infringed content, we will comply with DCMA and remove and copyright infringed content if we decide the entity requesting it is legitimate
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