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Introducing: The Chaotic United Wiki

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Hey, everyone!

We've got an exciting announcement to share - as of now, we are finally re-introducing the Chaotic United Wiki!

The Wiki has been an idea we've had going all the way back to 2014, and have re-introduced a few times over the years. As of now, though - it's been built directly into the website, and unlike previous iterations, it's actually got some useful information on it!

As of now, you'll primarily find information about our custom Survival content - past, present, and planned for the future. Down the line, we intend to document the various communities associated with CU - such as Nuclear District, Hurricane Craft, United AlyCraft, and even some more obscure ones that were all but forgotten. We also plan to add pages detailing some of the notable users and staff members that CU has had over the years, as well as details on most of our custom plugins.

For now, though - that's all we've got. Just keeping it short and sweet today.

To check out the wiki, head to!

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