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Skyblock Cobblestone

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would it be possible to virtualize the cobbelstone economy where u still can withdraw and deposit cobblestone it would make alot easier with selling stuff and storing. Its kinda like the coins u get on survival but we just keep the cobblestone economy and the shop

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This is actually something we're already planning on implementing relatively soon - SkyBlock will end up with a standard economy, with the ability to buy or sell cobblestone for 1$ per block.

The only reason we had the cobblestone economy stuff in the first place was due to a technical limitation we had earlier on, before we migrated to a BungeeCord setup. As of now, however, those limitations don't apply - and as such we're gonna be transitioning SkyBlock over pretty soon, once we get a new SkyBlock spawn completed in order to accomodate a larger shop, along with some other stuff we've got planned.

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