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Semi Vanilla - The Return

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Hey, everyone!


As you've probably guessed by the title - Semi-Vanilla has returned! Unlike the original iteration of Semi-Vanilla (which, if you weren't around then, was more geared as an experiment), this time Semi-Vanilla will be remaining as a permanent feature of CU's server going forward.


As with the original server, most of the cheat-y perks from the various ranks are disabled here. The only perks you'll get are cosmetic perks (things like /nick, /me, etc), with the only exception being that all Donation ranks will have access to /craft. The goal is to create something that's relatively close to vanilla survival, with a few comforts added in. You'll be able to claim land and create shops - as well as earn money from mining and killing mobs.


Additionally, we've introduced a brand new hub to the server as well to go along with this change. Feel free to explore the hub and spawn - they're some of the best spawns we've brought forward in a while, as they were built by our build team - the same team that brought you most of the newer minigame maps as well as the Teddy Dungeon.

That's all we've got for now - I won't keep you waiting. Go check out Semi-Vanilla! As usual, if any issues come up, let us know or submit a bug report. Otherwise, have fun!

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