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CU Updates #38 - 1.16.4 and my New Job

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Howdy, folks!


As of writing, the MC server has just been updated to 1.16.4, and with it - a few features are temporarily unavailable (but with others returning). Unfortunately, I gotta be real - this post likely won't be a very positive one - but I don't think it'll exactly be doom and gloom, either.


Server Updates/Changes


Unfortunately, several custom plugins that were made by GuitarXpress (MagicStuff, Tennis, and Soccer/Football) have broken with the update. This was happening with past updates already, but unfortunately he isn't around to update them. I do have the source code, however when I tried to compile myself I ran into some pretty tough build issues, that may or may not be a result of the plugin's code - I haven't had time to check yet.


And unfortunately, I don't know when I'll have that time - but that's for later.


Also unfortunately, the server will, for the time being, not support cracked players. This has nothing to do with any actual desire to leave cracked support behind, as I feel it's integral to CU's MC server, in at least some capacity. The issue is that FastLogin - the plugin we use to ensure premium players (those who actually own MC) don't have to run /login and /register commands. That plugin finally broke with this update (of all updates) and we're stuck waiting for an update to be available. As to when that'll be, I don't know. There hasn't been one for a very long time unfortunately. As soon as an update is available (or a suitable alternative is found), then you can expect Cracked support to return sometime not too long after.


I have been informed that dev builds of FastLogin exist, and as such cracked support is back.


But before I get into the real bad news (kind of), one good thing did happen - Dynmap is back online! It's been down for a while (due to waiting on an update), but turns out there's an updated version for 1.16.4!


Yep, that's all the purely positive news I've got. There ARE good parts about the following subject, so don't feel gloomy just yet.


My New Job


If you've kept up on Discord, you've probably heard that I've recently started a new job at USPS. This job has some benefits - and some downsides. The upside is, above all else, the pay. I'll be working as a Processing Clerk (or PSE as they call it), which starts at a whopping 18.15$ an hour. The downside? Until you become a regular employee (as in, you're considered there for a career), you get very little in terms of a consistent schedule - and you have long hours. From what I've been told, I'll likely be working between 40 and 60 hours a week. Along with this, the days around holidays (the day before, day of, and day after) will usually see me working 12 hour shifts each of those days. The real kicker is that, for PSE's, the typical time to become a career employee is between 1 and 2 years.


The nice thing is, this will pretty much instantly pull me out of poverty and leave me sitting pretty. The downside is that I'll be spending a lot of time working. Ideally, I'd be working a more balanced job - you know, 40 hours a week. And the good thing is that once you get career, that overtime becomes entirely optional. So after those couple years, I'll have that balanced job and will likely be making more than 18.15 an hour.


Unfortunately, this means that my ability to commit to any new features or major additions to CU is going completely out the window. My ability to fix bugs quickly will be extremely limited. The plans for semi-vanilla and BungeeCord will likely not be happening anywhere remotely soon. Even assuming I had all the time in the world, doing BungeeCord alone would be months of work. With this job demanding these kinds of hours of me, there's no way in hell that's gonna get done anytime soon. I'd like to do it at some point, but as things stand currently - it's gonna be a while.


The upshot is that there will never be anything resembling a financial concern with the server anymore. There will be more than enough money to cover all the bills many times over. Even if not much is happening during these next couple of years, the server will not be going away. I'll still make sure to find time to keep the server up-to-date and do general maintenance like that, but I simply won't be capable of committing to any sort of time frame for any new features. Even seemingly simple features would take hours upon hours to code, test, implement, and bugfix. Hours that, for the time being, I won't have.


Now, does this mean that I won't have any time at all? No. I'm guaranteed at least one day off a week, and depending on how schedules line up, I'll likely have days here and there where I've got a fair chunk of ample time between work shifts. But this amount of time is going to be significantly limited compared to my previous job at Schnucks (which was usually 20-32 hours a week).


Now, you may be wondering - if the hours are this rough, why don't I find a different job? After all, I've talked a fair bit about how I value time over money. Well, I do - and I still hold those beliefs. But currently, I'm in a rough spot. I'll be honest - had I not landed this job, there's a very high likelihood that I would've had to shut down the MC server, potentially for months. Finances are tight, and even with this high of pay, it's going to take 2-3 paychecks before we're fully dug out of this hole.


That being said, if it turns out that my time is limited to such an extent where I feel that I'm unable to even have a life outside of work - and assuming that no amount of time management skills can remedy it - I may potentially look for other jobs. But I can't repeat what I've done in the past. I can't leave this job before finding another. Things are just too tight. And even then - I'll be making just over 18 bucks an hour. That's nothing to scoff at. That wage is higher than my dad or grandpa ever had during their lives. And I'm getting that at the age of 21, where my life has just started. Even if it sucks a bit and time is sparse, this may end up being a case where I decide I want to power through for the year or two before I reach career - because it's smooth sailing after that. Consistent, unchanging hours, balanced hours (no overtime if you don't want it), and damn good pay and benefits. As much as I don't want to basically take two years off - especially as we approach Chaotic United's 10 year anniversary - by getting this job, I am able to at least guarantee that CU actually lives to see that day.


So, to recap. You'll likely still see me in Discord text chat fairly consistently - although I won't be always available like I was before. I'll be on there for at least a little bit every day, though. I don't know how often I'll be in voice chat, but it likely won't be very often. I'll try to make sure to do so at least somewhat consistently - if only for my own sanity. You likely won't see me on MC much at all for a while, and you likely won't see any major features come in anytime soon. Bugfixes also won't be as common, though I'll try and make it a priority to fix particularly serious ones (as in, real game-breaking bugs - not just minor inconveniences). I'll do my best to ensure the server is updated to newer MC versions as they come out. And, of course, once I get the funds (which should likely be within just a single paycheck), I'll be buying a new router (and possibly a modem) in order to fix the constant error 522 issues the website has had since we've migrated. Unfortunately, that's all I can guarantee. If I get an urge to work on something during some of my free time, then you may see fixes/features in that scenario - but don't count on it.


However - since I'll have more than an excess of funds, this may allow for some new things that weren't possible before. Things that don't require me to be directly involved, but can still help keep things interesting. Some ideas include giveaways with proper cash (digital only tho) prizes, paid advertising, or potentially paying someone to help out in some areas. Don't count on that last one as it's a pretty remote idea, and something I don't know that I'm wholly comfortable with anyways - but the other two? Only time will tell.


With all this going on, I only have one request - as tall of one as it may be. Keep playing. Keep voting. If you want to see CU continue to succeed and not dwindle to the starting line over this potentially very long period of time, the best thing you can do is play and vote. I'm confident that there's enough features on MC for people to have a decent time - even if there may not be much added for a while. If you have friends who play MC, invite them in. If you know people who used to play but have stopped, try and get them back in. But most of all, vote and keep playing. My worst fear with taking the break I mentioned before, and with taking on a job with such demanding hours is coming back afterwards to find that, when I get out of that situation, I come back to find that all I've worked to build has faded. That the people I've met and the community we've built might not be there when I'm able to finally make a formal return to consistently working on CU again.


If you can't be on MC, please - keep in touch on our Discord server. That's where myself and many others have been, and will continue to be for a while yet. If you want to stay in touch but can't find time to play MC (or just find yourself bored of it), being active on our Discord is the next best thing you can do (and might even be better in some ways, to be honest).


This job is a massive opportunity, and one that I desperately don't want to have to abandon. One that will result in not only a brighter future for myself - but for CU as well. We've been heavily limited in what we can do due to finances since the start. Limited funds to pay for servers, and for any money beyond that? Ha - forget it. Not a chance. But this job can change that. The pure resources made available from this job has the potential to do more for CU than any amount of time ever could. So, as said before - my one request is that you guys help me out by making sure that, when the day comes, I can make a formal return to working on CU - and have all you guys still there to celebrate with me.

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