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1.16 Update Announcement

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Howdy folks! MC is back online, and is now running 1.16.1! Update your clients and grab that OptiFine preview and check out the new update!


Survival and SkyBlock have both been reset. The previous worlds will be uploaded and made public relatively soon.


One thing you'll notice is that most of the spawns (besides Survival spawn) haven't changed. I wanted to make it a priority to get the update rolled out to the public as soon as possible, to avoid cases like with past updates where we're months behind schedule. As a result of that, however, is that there aren't really any new server features or bugfixes from 1.15. That being said, a couple minor additions have been added:

  • Warps are now visible on Dynmap - Look for portal icons on the livemap! Those are warps!
  • (very smol) Community Farm in Survival - A small and simple community farm to get a few crops has been setup. It ain't much, but hey
  • Improved Survival Spawn Layout - The new survival spawn was designed to be compact and straightforward. The old 1.13 survival spawn was a fairly clunky thing to navigate, the new one is short, sweet, and still has the same roads for players to extend and build along if they wish.


And that's about all we've got. As I said - rather than holding back 1.16 to work on a bunch of other bugfixes and whatnot, we wanted to get 1.16 out quickly since it seems to be fairly stable right out of the gate. As usual, if you find any (new) bugs, submit a bug report on the bug tracker! Otherwise, enjoy the joys of MC 1.16!

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