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Getting Started with Age of Rebirth

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Hello there! This post is designed to help users get our modpack running without too much trouble.



64-bit Java Runtime (Make sure you choose one of the options that has 'x64')

Technic Launcher

Memory: 4gb minimum, 8gb recommended


Installing the Modpack:


Before you do anything, you will first need to open the Launcher settings and increase the allocated memory to at least 4gb. If you only have 4gb of system memory, set it to 3.5gb.







If you do not see an option to go up to 4GB, then you either don't have enough system memory or you are using 32-bit Java. Try installing 64-bit as seen at the top of the post. If you have 64-bit Java it will say so in the Minecraft Java Version field. Note how it says (1.8.0_91 64-Bit). Look for that.


This has to be done manually because, by default, Technic will only assign 1GB of memory to the modpack. If you attempt to run the modpack like this, the modpack will likely take much longer to load and will eventually crash. You must have 4GB or more of free memory in order to play the modpack.



After you've done that, open the Modpacks tab and in the search field, type 'Age of Rebirth'




Then, click 'Install' and once it's done installing, you should be set! Click the Play button once you've installed, and by default our server is on the Multiplayer servers list. Double click it on the Multiplayer menu, and have fun! 

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