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DontBeSoHoty - Ban Appeal

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Server: Discord
Username: reeeeeeeeeeeeeeee#0001
Banned By: Wolfbitez
Reason: Ear rape, talking spanish
Have you been banned before?: More than 3 times
Why should you be unbanned?:

I have learned my lesson, after all this 3 years it has been without talking to Halo, and other staff including members. I can agree I was 11 and I was acting in-mature and selfish; after all I have grow up and I have learn so many things throughout the year’s not communicating with Chiotic United.

Is there anything else you want to say?: I miss y’all
What would you do if you were unbanned?: Act mature and don’t act stupid and childish

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Unfortunately, our administration team has determined that, for the time being, you are to remain banned from our Discord.


Keep in mind you are still free to use our Forums and Minecraft server as you desire, the bans do not extend to there.

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