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Survival Soft-Reset

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Hey folks, so we've got some not-so-great news for those of you who don't keep up with the Discord a ton.


I was hoping to put this off until 1.16 or 1.17, but due to the increasingly frequent crashing issues that are all related to Survival world, we have made the decision to reset Survival world.


However, unlike normal resets, we are going to be allowing anyone who wishes to have their base transferred over. The world seed will be identical, so the terrain will be virtually identical except for newer additions being available across the world (and a lot of resources being restored in the world). Normally we would reserve this kind of stuff for Benefactors, but since this isn't a planned reset - we're doing it for everyone.


Any number of bases can be copied, if you have multiple. As long as you have a home set to the base location (or if you have coordinates), just let us know in the #base-transfer-requests on Discord and I'll ensure the base is copied.


As per usual, the full world will become available for download shortly after the reset. The reset has just taken place last night, and any bases provided thus far have been copied. Additional bases will be copied as they are requested. Keep in mind, entities WILL NOT be copied over due to a limitation with WorldEdit itself. This includes things like pets, animal farms, and item frames. These will need to be recreated manually. If you lost any of these, simply notify a Moderator (or myself) and we'll get you fixed up.


Any existing land claims, WorldGuard regions, LWC protections, warps, and homes you had before will still work and still point to their original locations. Along with any requested bases, any sites present at /warp list have also been migrated over.


One final note - this reset ONLY impacts the Survival Overworld. Nether and End will NOT be reset until 1.16.


We're really sorry that it came to this, but at this point we figure this is a necessary step to ensure that the server remains stable between now and the next proper reset.

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