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Report - WitherKing__

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Offender's Username: WitherKing__
Service: Minecraft
Reason: The dude was spamming chat. Doesn't stop even when kicked by what I assume is antispam. Can reference Discord MCBot if you need to see how many times the guy did it.


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Looks like it's already been handled. If it happens again, let us know and further action than a mere warning will be taken.

[Manager] MysticaWare: Wither care to explain why you spammed the chat two hours ago?
[Member] WitherKing__: uhhh
[Member] WitherKing__: uhhhhh
[Member] WitherKing__: so umm
[Member] WitherKing__: uhh
[Member] WitherKing__: i was bored
[Manager] MysticaWare: Any other specific reasons?
[Member] WitherKing__: no
[Manager] MysticaWare: I'll give you a warning this time. But if we catch you doing it again your going to get a mute.
[Member] WitherKing__: ok


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