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CU Updates #29 - Vote Reward Changes

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Hey folks! Just because 1.14 has launched, we've not stopped working on getting the server some new stuff!


Today, we're launching our new-and-improved Vote Reward setup!


Some of you may recall that our previous rewards were... a bit weak. They weren't outright terrible - but needless to say there was a lot of room for improvement. They'd been left basically alone since their initial configuration all the way back when we first implemented them.


For those who weren't familiar with the original vote rewards, they were as follows:



  • Ooh, Shiny!
    • 1 Diamond
  • The Rock
    • 7 Obsidian
  • Steel Yourself
    • 12 Iron Ingots
    • 3 Water Buckets
  • Envy
    • 6 Emeralds


  • Made it to 25 (every 25 votes)
    • 10 XP levels


Yeah. Needless to say, these were terrible. Shortly after the 1.14 update, we updated the awards a bit to be a bit more acceptable:



  • Ooh, Shiny!
    • 1 Diamond
  • Morning Wood
    • 32 Oak Log
  • Steel Yourself
    • 16 Iron Ingots
  • Fortification
    • 128 Stone Brick Wall
  • Finally Some Good Fucking Food
    • 20 Cooked Beef


The milestones were still left unchanged. Once again - still pretty awful, just slightly less awful.


So, without further adieu - let's dive into the new system!


Every single vote will grant you a Vote Key - a key which can be used at the Vote Crate in either Survival or Skyblock. In Survival, it's just beyond the main walkway (Baxter Road). In SkyBlock, it's just after the end of the bridge.


The key will let you roll the dice and give you a random reward from the crate. Unlike the original selection, the crate has a much broader range of items available - far too many to list them all here. But you can expect to get things like:

  • Shulker Boxes
  • Spawn Eggs
  • Elytra Wings
  • Music Discs


Additionally, the following milestones are available:

  • Another 25 in the Bag (every 25 votes)
    • Vote Key
  • A Hundred and Counting! (after 100 votes, NOT recurring)
    • 2 Vote Keys
    • 8 Diamonds
    • 50 CUPoints


And if that wasnt enough, we now have streaks! If you vote several days in a row without missing a day, you can get additional rewards, including:

  • And on the 7th Day (7 days of voting)
    • Vote Key
    • 4 CUPoints
  • Two Weeks in a Row! (14 days/two weeks of voting)
    • 2 Vote Keys
    • Tier 6 Crate Key
    • 8 CUPoints
  • Oh Baby - a Triple! (21 days/3 weeks of voting)
    • 3 Vote Keys
    • Tier 6 Crate Key
    • 12 CUPoints


To see the full list of awards available, left-click the crate. If you have a key, right-click the crate with your key to claim your reward!


The rewards aren't fully ironed-out yet, so don't be surprised if items are added or removed from the crate winnings. Additionally, if you have anything you'd like to see (within reason) made available for voting, feel free to drop us your suggestions!


As a final note - even if you aren't on Minecraft regularly, you can still vote! Your rewards will be held and can be claimed the next time you log on. Voting helps us get higher up on server lists, which in turn helps boost the number of players we get. So go vote!


We've got other features in the works as well - some of which you've already seen in the form of the Money Toplist and Banlist. Others are a bit earlier on in their implementation - but are slowly making their way down the pipeline nonetheless. Stay tuned!

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