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Minecraft's 10 Year Anniversary

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Hey folks! Minecraft turns 10 today!


So, obviously one must ask - what are we doing to celebrate Minecraft's 10th birthday? Two things:


1. Everything on is 50% off for the next week! If you've been eyeing one of those shiny rank upgrades, now's a fine chance to grab it for cheap!

2. The 10 year celebration map that Mojang put up is up on a server for you to explore! Fire up 1.14.1 and connect to to check it out!


There is one other little thing that we'll be doing as part of this, but it won't come into effect until a fair bit later once we update to 1.14 - so stay tuned for that! If you haven't already, go ahead and check out the page on in regards to its 10th anniversary.


Nothing much else this time around - let's all celebrate 10 years of Minecraft!

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