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Migrating JourneyMap Waypoints After IP Change

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This guide has not been fully tested by the community. This warning message will be removed after it is confirmed to be working.


Hey! So you might have noticed that your saved waypoints have vanished after the recent server maintenance. Among other things, these changes allowed us to get a standalone IP for the modded server. Unfortunately, due to the way that JourneyMap stores waypoint data, all old waypoints will not show. Thankfully, this is a relatively easy thing to fix.


First, select the Brink of Chaos modpack and choose 'Modpack Options'.



Next, click the 'Open' button.



You will now be in the folder containing the modpack. From here, look for a folder called "journeymap" and open it



From here, you'll see several more folders. Open the folder called 'data'



Now, open the 'mp' folder.


You will most likely only have a single folder in here. Rename the folder to "Chaotic~United~Brink~of~Chaos"


If you have more than one folder present, make a reply containing a screenshot of the list of folders and we'll help you out.


And that's it! Restart your client and you should see all your waypoints return.

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