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Brink of Chaos Updates

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Hey, everybody! Today we want to go into detail on some of the changes and improvements we've made to Brink of Chaos as of late!


First of all, we now have a custom crafting ability implemented. We've done this to make certain items obtainable due to either not having a recipe at all, or due to things just being broken. So far, we've enabled the Activated Division Sigil, Miniature Green Heart, and Green Health Canister through this method. Any future custom recipes (and the ones we have currently) will be placed on a topic we made the other day, found here.


Additionally, today we've implemented an EMC toplist! Now, you can see who has the most (or least) EMC on the server. Check it out at:


Lastly, if you've been living under a rock, we did a map reset for modded MC just a few days ago - including marriages, EMC, and everything else. We did this in order to use a new terrain generator as well as freshen up the experience for everyone.


We hope you guys are excited for some of the new stuff with Brink of Chaos! See you folks soon when we hopefully have more news on 1.13 👀

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