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Brink of Chaos World Reset

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Hey, folks! Surprise announcement today!


We have just reset the Brink of Chaos world. The old map has been uploaded to the CU website as with all prior world resets. We are also now using a different world generator selection in order to avoid some of the issues with the current (fuckin mushroom biomes :angry:) as well as bring a fresh new experience to the server, something that hasn't happened in a long time.


Along with that, we will be adopting the semi-vanilla principle of staff not having a lot of overpowered abilities. Everyone will be on a level playing field, no EMC abuse or item spawning or anything (though some administrators are allowed to have creative bases isolated from their survival homes - and will have that right revoked if it is abused). There are no donation ranks (though we may implement a basic one or two just as we did with Semi-Vanilla), and no rank will have any abilities not required for server moderation and administration.


A spawn is still being worked on, we will be making a brand new spawn for this world reset (but it isn't quite there yet). In the meantime, you will spawn in the middle of the wilderness left to go out and survive. 


As always, if you find any bugs or issues, let us know and we'll squash them (assuming the issue is fixable). We hope you guys are excited for this new and improved approach of modded MC!


You can grab the old map here: 



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