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Do I get seconds?

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What is your Minecraft Username?:
What can you do to help our community? :
Be me.
How did you find out about Chaotic United?:
I used to play ages ago.
Were you a member of the old Chaotic United from 2010-2013?:  

Yep. I used to have a different name, a different account and probably a fake identity :P

But I remember playing a lot with rontu, teddy, ntx and bugging spencer while he was writing stuff for the new website. I remember atom, fade, ceasetoexist (the banner threads), pop, and a whole bunch of people and things, like nickanddimes's shop - as well as the day NC was established and CU went offline.

I think my name was The_Kid0? unless I was using a cracked char, in which case I don't remember.

I used to play minecraft (mainly on the factions server) and RSPS and made this youtube video back when I was young and 'adventurous' too: (after the reset)



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It's always great to see some old CU folks coming back around! ^_^


Sadly I can't say I recognize your name (but then again I barely remember anyone's names from back then DX), but in either case welcome back! Our community is most active on Discord - even when literally everything else is completely dead silent. You can get in by this link: I also do apologize for the late reply, I've been busy doing development work and other things - and it's not every day someone actually takes time to register :P.


Anyways, we hope you have a great time on Chaotic United! :D

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