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CU Updates #21 - Dedicated - once again!

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Hey everyone! Some exciting new developments have been happening today!


We once again have a dedicated server.


You guys may remember a while back we had a 32GB Dedi from OVH - that was dropped due to the steep pricing that we simply couldn't afford. However, with our expanding services and our desire to make a bigger, broader, and more epic Minecraft experience, the time has come once again to bring a dedi into the picture.


It isn't as grand as the old one, but still is going to spell huge improvements as this server boasts 16GB of memory - more than sufficient for the MC server as well as leaving plenty of room for expansion. That means no more random crashes every time some players get on, and no more running out of memory all the time.


Additionally, you guys may recall several instances where MC had to be abruptly taken down in the past and certain stats (namely Time-based ranking) got reset every single time (though was restored thanks to backups). That was all due to the fact that our VPS had only 40GB of disk space. Unfortunately, the MC server was really pushing it on resources as was evidenced by the several periods of time where the VPS just ran out of space. This also is what caused the recent reinstallation of the VPS last week as we believe it was this progressive running out of space that caused several system packages to just stop working. This ultimately resulted in the reinstall you saw not too long ago. Well, this will no longer be an issue, as the Dedi that powers MC has a hefty 2TB of space - WAY more than enough for MC.


The server has already been migrated and is up right now.


But wait! What about the VPS? Good question - it isn't going anywhere. In fact, this isn't just upgrade day for the main MC server, but the Beta 1.7.3 server as well. The server now has been given 4GB of RAM allocated to it since it no longer needs to share resources with the main server. Along with that, it has been given port 25565 and has its own IP as of now: Additionally, all Discord bots will continue to remain on the VPS and will have plenty of wiggle room. Soon, the old MC files will be downloaded and removed from the VPS to clear out the space for other potential smaller/lighter services in the future. Our plan is to let MC have that 16GB all to itself.


Moving forward, you should see major improvements in stability on all our services. This was a necessary change that probably should have happened a long time ago. But hey, better late than never, right? :^)


Lastly, I want to thank Michael/AwakenedRage/Kryptoaware for solely paying for this Dedicated server out of his own pocket. Give him some love!


Have a good day everyone, and happy crafting on our new and improved infrastructure!

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