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Beta 1.7.3 Server FAQ

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Based on some recent comments from various people, I have opted to make a FAQ outlining the purpose of the Beta 1.7.3 server as well as answer some questions.



"No sprint? No tab menu? No command autocompletion? No creative mode? This is TRASH!"


I can't tell you what you are and aren't allowed to like, but when I see criticism like this I cannot help but to step in and clear the air.


This version of the game predates the inclusion of many modern Minecraft features. Additionally, the point of the server isn't to bring in huge swathes of players and make a major success of a server. This server is designed for people who get nostalgic feels every now and again, or people who just prefer that more traditional style of gameplay. And yes, there are people like this besides myself. As mentioned in our announcement, this server was created as more permanent version of all those servers that popped up for a few months at a time (if that) and then closed for good. This one is setup with the same architecture as our main server, and is running on true server hardware - and thus is able to run 24/7.


You can't approach this server with a mindset of "wow so many features are missing". You have to view it with a mindset of a sort of appreciation of its simplicity. This will be much easier if you were actually around back in those days, but even so, this can also be a chance to experience it for the first time, too. It's all about state of mind. If you view it as a seperate entity and play it for what it is, the server can be so much fun despite being so simple. If you view it as a featureless version of modern Minecraft, you're going to just see it as a more boring version of the game.



Why create this thing to begin with?


As mentioned before, the main reason this was created is to serve that niche of players who want to relive the nostalgia of Beta 1.7.3. Some people just want to relive some brief nostalgia. Others are militant about Beta 1.7.3 being the last good version of the game. Whatever your beliefs or opinions on the matter, this server is here for you.


What's with these "Advanced" and "VIP" ranks?


In addition to being a server for those seeking old Minecraft nostalgia, this server also (sort of) caters to old CU nostalgia, too. These ranks existed in 2011 and were the only ranks that were available. In addition to having some nostalgia with CU itself as well, there simply aren't the plugins or features to justify the same set of ranks we have currently. We currently have 8 donator ranks on the main server, there's no way that we'd be able to pull of 8 ranks on this server effectively.


But I don't like survival Minecraft! It's boring!

Then don't play the Beta 1.7.3 server, easy. Not even in a cocky manner, this server legitimately isn't made for everyone. If you don't enjoy it, our main server (especially post-relaunch) should satiate your tastes if you have no desire for basic MC.

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