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CU Updates #12 - Bugfixes and Alycat

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Hello everyone!


First off, we have done some bugfixes on the MC server (and a bit on the website). Most of the bugfixes include some minor tweaks and changes as per some requests that were brought to our attention. We have a lot more in the list and we will be working on those as well.


You can view the full update log here: 



Additionally, some changes have been discussed behind the scenes and the cultivation of it all is that Alycat, the other owner of CU who has been lacking in activity for some time is now going to be playing a much more integral role in the community and will be far more active. For a time Alycat was sitting back allowing me to have my way with MC but now we are going to equally share power. In addition, if either of us needs a break then the other will step in, hopefully preventing either of us from getting burned out on Minecraft.


Lastly, if any of you guys ever have suggestions, please tell us! We do listen, promise. c:


Have a good day everyone, and stay tuned for further announcements in the not-so-distant future.

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