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Modded MC Server

New Gamemode Poll  

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  1. 1. Which of these gamemodes/minigames would you play if we added them? You may and are encouraged to choose multiple answers.

    • Prison
    • Factions
    • Spleef
    • Rush (Like Battlefield)
    • KitPVP
    • Skywars
    • Other PVP gamemodes
    • Capture the flag
    • Zombie survival
    • MobArena

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Okay, I am considering the possibility of modded Minecraft.


However, I lack the resources to host two MC Servers. I want to know what you guys would think of having the current server with a custom modpack installed. Would this be preferable for you guys? Use the poll to vote.


Please be aware that this modded server would replace the existing server, while containing the basic gamemodes (survival, creative, anything else that doesnt break with mods)

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3 hours ago, Jamplifier said:

no. no more minecraft servers. populate yours first.


The Modded MC server would replace the current server, not run alongside it. Besides population is slowly increasing. :)

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