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To create an appeal, please click the 'Appeal a Ban' subforum link below this message.

The original system for ban appeals (where you would copy/paste a format from a topic into your own topic) is no longer supported. The new form is the only way to appeal a suspension now. This helps to ensure that all appeals are filled out properly and that users aren't as familiar with using a Forum are able to more easily appeal.

Additionally, please keep in mind that:

  • Appealing does NOT guarantee an unban
  • Past contributions - be they donations or otherwise - do not make you exempt from the rules
  • Your reasoning for an appeal should not be littered with excuses - present an honest reason why we should unban you
  • Any appeals containing things such as "my sister/brother/girlfriend/dog got on my account" will be denied without hesitation

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What is your Minecraft username?kevin189102


Why were you banned?grief


Who banned you?haloman30


Why should you be unbanned?because i decide to be a new me to change 


Is there anything else you want to say?no


What would you do if you were unbanned?change mi mode of mi personality and forget all the damage i do


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You will be unbanned, and your rank will be set to Platinum. IF you answer the following question:


You deliberately spawned an enderdragon before. Care to shed some light on that?


If there's another incident after your unban, don't expect me to be so easy to unban.

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