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11/24/2019 Update

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+ Added MobArena map: Stadium
* All MobArena maps now have a 30-second grace period before first wave
* All MobArena maps now require that all enemies are killed before the next wave begins
* All MobArena maps now have a 15-second grace period between waves
* Changed MobArena 'heat' name to 'Heat' so it looks nicer ingame
* Update LibsDisguises to 9.8.4 - fixes player disguises sticking in tab menu until relog
* Update CUStatus to 1.2.1 - stops errors from being spammed out due to MC economy toplist and causing server to take much longer to shut down

* Update DiscordSRV to 1.18.2
- Removed "Modes: MobArena" text from all arenas in MobArena Map Browser webpage
- Removed Killerteddy

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