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11/9/2019 Forums Update

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* Recreated poll data for most old Nuclear District topics (see more detailed info on that below)

* Fixed a leftover attachment on many of the recent awards that was meant to only display on one (i literally removed the attachment every time, turns out it did nothing :lmao:)

- Removed Killerteddy



The poll data for each topic had to be recreated by hand based on local copies made of the Nuclear District website and forums shortly before its final closure in 2016. There is no PHP or any sort of functionality to any of the website, it only captures raw HTML that is visible to guests/non logged-in users. Using those pages I was able to recreate the JSON data for most of the polls, and as such they are now present in most of the topics that had them, exactly as they were - mostly. The actual names of users who voted on the polls are gone as those weren't visible to the public (either at all, or just not without an account).


Prior to this, any old topics that had polls either displayed nothing (due to the ND forums having more polls than CU does), or displayed a poll from a completely different topic. I unfortunately neglected to ask for the SQL table for polls during the final shutdown - so sadly the original poll data is long gone (which I'm sure a lot of you probably don't care about but it does legitimately pain me to know that fact).


You may have also noticed that I said most topics had their polls back. Well, as I mentioned before - the program I used to create the archive of ND's forums can only see what an unregistered user would see. As such, polls for any Staff-only subforums, or any subforums that were archived at the time, are not restored. For any topics whose polls don't exist anywhere, a placeholder poll has been put in place rather than displaying random (and potentially private/staff-only) polls from other topics.


Any polls from those ND-era topics are locked from any and all future votes - they will be left exactly as they are. Note that the topics themselves aren't locked - only the polls.


If you're interested, you can see the full list of restored/unrestored topic polls below:


Topics with Polls Restored


Topics without Polls Restored (Requires Premium or Staff ranks to access)

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