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3/30/2024 Minecraft Update




+ Added /hookshotplayers command - Behaves identically to /cucp hookshotplayers

+ Added End Gateway to UtilityBlocks, under Technical Blocks category
* Updated CUCraftingPlus to 1.3.17
* Fixed an issue where GriefPrevention claims in Survival would not claim any blocks below Y level 0
* Custom blocks which are non-interactive and Note Block based can now be pushed with pistons
* Fixed an issue where blocks with rotation, direction, and/or orientation properties (Observers, Furnaces, stairs, slabs, etc) would not have the correct data when placed against a custom block
* Fixed an issue where certain blocks could be improperly placed against custom blocks (many of these blocks will now simply refuse to be placed without sneaking)
* Disabled note block update events in paper configuration in Survival (allows for some of the above issues to be resolved)
- Removed Killerteddy



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