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4/4/2023 Minecraft Update




+ Added /playtime as a universal alias for /ar check
+ Implemented command: /gseen
+ Added global /broadcast command
+ Autorank will now broadcast a message to the entire server when users rank up
* Updated CUBungee to 1.5.0
* Autorank functionality is now handled by CUBungee, rather than the original Autorank plugin
* Fixed an issue where donation ranks would not be automatically issued upon reaching the proper amount of playtime
* Fixed an issue where certain servers (primarily Hub) would crash due to Autorank causing a database-related exception
* Autorank now tracks yearly playtime in addition to daily, weekly, and monthly times
* Earned playtime is now stored separately from 'valued' playtime - Earned Playtime refers strictly to playtime that a player has obtained and is used for /ar top, while Valued Playtime can be contributed to via donations and can be modified by administrators using commands
* Autorank reward progression can now be checked using /ar rewards
* Autorank toplists now display the top 8 players instead of the top 5
* Autorank toplists will no longer leave blank slots when skipping users
- Removed plugin: Autorank



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