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3/30/2023 Minecraft Update




+ Added plugin in Survival: PluginManager
+ Re-added plugin: LibsDisguises
* Updated CUCraftingPlus to 1.3.9
* Updated CUItemSpawn to 1.2.5
* Fixed an issue where, in rare cases, custom blocks or wood blocks would produce block breaking sounds even when the player stops digging
* Fixed an issue where creating paths with a Durite Shovel would turn any block (including non-dirt blocks) to paths
* Fixed an issue where Durite extra-break functions would not be logged with CoreProtect
* Fixed an issue where custom block placement/breaking would not be logged with CoreProtect
* Fixed an issue where custom tools with the Mending enchantment would not be repaired properly
* Fixed an issue where CUItemSpawn would incorrectly try and fail to drop a spawned item after breaking a spawned block in Creative mode
* Fixed an issue where, when breaking custom blocks in Creative mode, wood breaking sounds would play on top of the custom block's sounds
* Fixed an issue where using Durite tools with extra-break enabled combined with Silk Touch wouldn't drop the correct items
* Fixed an issue where players could not use /bal in Semi-Vanilla
* Fixed an issue in Survival where extinguishing legitimate campfires with a spawned shovel would flag the campfire as a spawned item
* Improved custom block placement speed - added proper hand-checking to avoid excessively fast placement, combined with reducing placement cooldown from 3 ticks to 1 tick - allowing custom blocks to placed as fast as vanilla blocks
* Temporarily disabled natural item frame breaking in Survival
* Durite Ore can now be smelted in a Blast Furnace
* Custom tools can now be repaired using a Crafting Table
* Supporter can now use all disguises within the hub
- Sponsor can no longer spawn Ender Crystals or Elder Guardians via /spawnmob
- Removed plugin in Survival: PlugMan
- Removed Killerteddy



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